Miss Universe 2013 Poll (November 2 Update)

I will be providing an update on our poll to start our day. As we start counting the last week of Miss Universe 2013, here is a quick look on our voting results. Myanmar’s bet – Moe Set Wine – still leads the list and thanks to the support of her countrymen, she even increased her hold comparing it to our last update. Another gainer is Shi Lim from Singapore who still holds the third spot. Despite the decrease of the percentage of their votes, Ara Arida of the Philippines and Jakelyne Oliveira of Brazil are still in the 2nd and 4th spot of the list. Taking the 5th position is Marilyn Ramos  of South Africa who just narrowly edged out her closest competitor for the spot.

Here are the results as of today! Please be reminded that you can continue voting for your favorite Miss Universe 2013 candidate until the deadline which is on November 7 at 11PM (Philippine Time). Voting is FREE and is UNLIMITED!

Click THIS To VOTE for your favorite Miss Universe 2013 candidate!

Myanmar (Moe Set Wine) – 75.55%

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Philippines (Ara Arida) – 15.33%

Singapore (Shi Lim) – 3.47%

Brazil (Jakelyne Oliveira) – 1.08%

South Africa (Marilyn Ramos) – 0.55%

What are you waiting for?!?

Hit the voting button NOW!


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