My Top 10 Best Glam Shots – Miss Universe 2013

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sharing with you the official glam shots of Miss Universe 2013 candidates. Clad in their official swimwear, the candidates posed in front of the meticulous eyes of Fadil Berisha and channeled their very own version of Sexy Snow Queens

Of all 86 glam shots, I was able to narrow them down into my top 10 favorite photos. Arriving into 10 photos was not an easy task. I started with 24, then trimmed them into 18 and got stuck with 12. I had to review and go through all twelve for about four times before I made the difficult decision to cut two… In choosing for my favorites, I was looking for glamour, emotions and sex appeal! These photos won me over because of the perfect blend of these three. Here are my favorite photos:

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Photo Credits: Miss Universe

10th Place: Ethiopia (Maheder Tigabe)

Maheder is undoubtedly beautiful and the cascading hair teases the fans of her innate sexiness. However, it is her powerful stare that shines here. The glaring blend of a cool and relaxed pose with the strong facial expression won me over.

9th Place: Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

Whulandary delivered… I had high hopes for her glam shot and she did not disappoint. Her eyes are doing all the talking and the angle of her body is perfectly framing her face to help elicit more emotion 🙂

8th Place: Great Britain (Amy Willerton)

This could pass as a photo ripped off from a Sports Illustrated magazine. If this is the quality of her swimsuit photo, I am pretty sure that she will be on  top of my swimsuit photo choices.

7th Place: Australia (Olivia Wells)

My heart skipped a beat after seeing the glam shot of Olivia. With full confidence, Olivia bares it all with a straight-to-the-camera shot telling us that there is no need to consider angles for better photo. She is beautiful up-front!

6th Place: Netherlands (Stephanie Tency)

The level of sexiness of this glam shot is over the charts. Stephanie was successful in bringing out her sex appeal without baring much skin. Instead, she relied on her gorgeous face… That pout is definitely working….

5th Place: South Africa (Marilyn Ramos)

Oh la la… Marilyn could pass up as one of the Bond Girls with her crazy out-of-this-world body clad in a provocative bikini and matched with a sweet arresting face. The facial expression is just perfect!

4th Place: Philippines (Ara Arida)

I am very happy with what Ara produced. I even think that this is better compare to the glam shot of last year’s candidate. This stirred some emotions in me. The pout, the messy hair and the constricted posture are working!

3rd Place: Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

Oh, Dear! Olga delivered big time with this show-stopping photo. Her hard-to-miss face is shown in its full glory and sharing the spotlight is her divine body. The expression on her face matched with that lips that I envy, Olga is telling us why she is one of the strongest competitor this year. Good job!

2nd Place: Croatia (Melita Fabecic)

Geez, I can’t do this. I am now giving up with my dream to be in an editorial campaign (Hahahaha!) Melita hits a home run with this one. What I really like about the photo is that it is a very strong photo but the strength is not from her divine body nor her gorgeous face but emanates from her eyes and the deepest part of her soul. Good job!

1st Place: Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

I am in love… Paulina realized that she only needed to flash that winning smile perfectly framed by her gorgeous gorgeous face for her to win me over. The sexiness is subtle and the emotion is real. She is beautiful, sexy, smart and funny – all that in just one photo!

There you go… What do you think of my choices?!?

You can share your own top 10 favorites my leaving a comment below 🙂


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