Miss Universe 2013 (15th Update): The Quest for a Back-to-Back Placement

Miss Universe 2013 will be crowned in a week. Before I started counting the last remaining days, I remembered Miss Universe 2012 and wondered on which country will achieve a back-to-back placement by placing as a semifinalist this year. Here are the 16 countries that placed in last year’s edition:

AustraliaBrazil, Croatia, France,
Hungary, India, Kosovo, Mexico
Philippines, Poland, Russia
South Africa, Turkey, USA & 

As what I shared with you before, Kosovo is not competing this year which leaves us with 15 countries with a quest for a back-to-back placement. Of the 15, the pressure is greatest with Australia which placed year after year for the past 5 Miss Universe editions. Earlier, I thought of putting the photos of the 2012 and 2013 candidates of these countries side by side and identify the possibility of a back-to-back placement.

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* Pictures on the left are the 2012 candidates and to your right are the 2013 candidates….

* I am talking about the possibility of placing as a semifinalist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the 2013 candidate will reach the same placement as the 2012 candidate…

* Credits to Miss Universe for the photos used in the collage.



USA (Olivia Culpo & Erin Brady)

Olivia is slightly ahead than Erin. What I don’t like on Erin is that she looks a bit mature on her candids. Olivia might have been matronly during last year’s finale but her face was unquestionably, one of the best last year. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: 50/50

Philippines (Janine Tugonon & Ara Arida)

I am not really the biggest fan of both Filipinas but I will choose Ara over Janine in any day! Janine is just pretty plain to me while Ara can be saved by styling. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More YES!

Venezuela (Irene Esser & Gabriela Isler)

I favor the softer features of Irene than Gabriela’s. However, I can’t deny the preparedness of Gabriela and her wearing the strongest sash in the world. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: YES!



Australia (Renae Ayris & Olivia Wells)

Same as Venezuela and USA, I prefer the 2012 candidate over this year’s. She has a very average beauty and top this, I am missing the spark and queenly glow that I saw in Renae. The sash though is very strong so I will not discount her as early as now. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: 50/50

Brazil (Gabriela Markus & Jakelyne Oliveira)

I stood out with Gabriela until the end of the 2012 pageant. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do the same this year. Jakelyne just lacks that special spark that I am looking for a delegate. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More NO!

France (Marie Payet & Hinarani de Longeaux)

Marie was my ultimate bet last year. Hinarani was part of my first few favorites pre-arrival but all of that was lost the moment she stepped in Russia. She is boring me. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More NO!



Hungary (Agnes Konkoly & Rebeka Karpati)

Agnes was a pleasant surprise for me during last year’s finale. This year, no one can deny the fact that Rebeka is one of the strongest candidate of the European delegation. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More YES!

Mexico (Karina Gonzalez & Cynthia Duque)

I didn’t get the Top 10 finish of Karina despite her disastrous swimsuit catwalk. I am no fan of Cynthia either as I don’t like her beauty. A lot of Latinas are way ahead of her in the beauty department. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: NO!

Russia (Elizabeth Golovanova & Elmira Abdrazakova)

I prefer Elizabeth and Elmira but the fact is that Elmira is the host candidate and that changes everything! Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: YES!


South Africa (Melinda Bam & Marilyn Ramos)

Melinda was highly expected to place in the top 5 of last year’s Miss Universe but failed to do so after her unimpressive evening gown performance. Marilyn is not enjoying the same popularity especially after she was ignored in Miss World. I can see the effort with her impressive photos but I doubt if it is enough. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More NO!

Croatia (Elizabeta Burg & Melita Fabecic)

These two are very reliable with official photos. Elizabeta proved to be such a snoozefest while moving on stage. I hope that I will not be saying the same thing with Melita. I will be looking closely at her on the finale. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More YES!

India (Shilpa Singh & Manasi Moghe)

It is definitely an upgrade for India this year but still, Manasi is lost somewhere. I can’t see the spark that I usually see on Indian queens. Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: More NO!



Peru (Nicole Faveron & Cindy Mejia)

Nicole’s height was her only weapon and it was not enough for her to be considered as a finalist. Cindy is pretty ok which in Miss Universe dictionary means common. Nothing is really special here! Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: NO!

Poland (Marcelina Zawadzka & Paulina Krupinska)

It is a major upgrade for Poland this year. Marcelina was sexy and was oozing with sex appeal. Paulina is simply beautiful! Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: YES!

Turkey (Cagil Ozge Ozkul & Berrin Keklikler)

I am not impressed with the Turkish delegate this year as I can’t feel her presence in Russia. Cagil was one of my alternatives last year and it was a pleasure seeing her as a semifinalist. I am not feeling the same for this year though… Prospect of a Back-to-Back Placement: NO!

I am not impressed with the over-all quality of delegates this year but the playing field remains very competitive and as of today, it is still any one’s ball game. 


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