Miss Universe 2013 (16th Update): On the alleged leaked Preliminary Results…

While reading online, I became aware of this photo that is going the rounds of several social networking sites and beauty pageant forum. This is allegedly an Instagram post of Elena Semikina on November 1 and was allegedly deleted moments after. Elena is one of the preliminary judges of Miss Universe 2013. For those who are not familiar, the preliminary judges will be selecting some (if not all) the 15 candidates who will be the semifinalists and will continue to compete for the crown during the finale.


The photo above shows what seems to be a score sheet. I can see some countries and their scores in the Fadil (Glam) Shot, Close-up (Portrait), Gown, Swimsuit, Events, etc. I can see Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Ukraine & Venezuela. This alleged photo caused a stir online as fans cried foul and became worried on the the ranking of their personal bets.

Elena already released a statement via her Twitter account calling the photo a hoax. Here is a screen cap of her official statement:


The alleged Instagram photo was never posted. The judging process has not begun – I am not even in Moscow yet! The picture is a hoax. @ElenaSemikina

First, fans should not worry about the ranking of their bets. If this photo is true then this is just Elena’s scores for the photos and other events of the candidate. I believe that much weight is accorded on the candidate’s performance during the preliminaries (which is still scheduled tomorrow) and the closed-door interview.

Second, fans should also remember that there are other 6 preliminary judges. Even if this photo is true, it doesn’t mean that the top-ranked delegates here will be assured of a semifinalist slot. We just don’t know but the other 6 might prefer/have preferred other candidates. Miss Universe Organization also plays a big role in identifying the list of the semifinalists, as announced during the finale.

Third, I don’t think Elena is careless enough to post this photo online. As a film maker and a former Miss Universe candidate, I trust that she is fully aware of the confidentiality agreement that covers her duties as a preliminary judge. This could have been just a work of a fan who wants to hype her favorite candidate!

However, I am not buying the alibi that she isn’t in Moscow yet so she can’t start the judging process yet. These scores were for the photos and these photos were published days ahead. These photos could have been sent to them so that they can go through the photos and score them ahead of time. Just going through the four official photos of the 86 candidates takes a lot of time! It is logical that these photos will be released to the preliminary judges ahead of the preliminary show, while the judges are not yet in the venue and still have time to go through the 344 or more photos. They still have the preliminary show and the closed-door interview to worry about when they arrive in the pageant venue.

I would really love to hear your thoughts 😀


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