My Top 10 Favorite Swimsuit Shots – Miss Universe 2013

After revealing my favorite Glam Shots and sharing with you Pong’s favorite Portrait Shots, I will now reveal my favorite Swimsuit Shots. If you haven’t seen the swimsuit photos of the Miss Universe 2013 candidates, you can click THIS.

Going through the photos, I was looking for the pageant-ready and feminine body! The body that isn’t too muscular and those with the perfect curves. I also had to consider immense sex appeal and confidence in choosing my favorites. Here are the ten swimsuit photos that made my list.

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Photo Credits: Miss Universe

10th Place: Croatia (Melita Fabecic)

I love Melita’s body. I adore the curves on the right places. The face that screams sexy is just an added bonus.

9th Place: Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

It has been proven year after year that Venezuelan queens are one of the most prepared delegate. Gabriela is just oozing with self confidence! She did not disappoint!

8th Place: Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

Yaritza is only 19 and it shows in her body. However, I can’t deny that those curves are ready for Miss Universe.

7th Place: Canada (Riza Santos)

With enough pageant experience, Riza is aware how it is important to have a pageant-ready body. She is rocking the hell out of this swimsuit. The cleavage, the tummy and the teasing expression are all just perfect.

6th Place: Peru (Cindy Mejia)

I don’t like Cindy’s face but that does not discount the fact that she has one of the best bodies this year! Her body is toned, telling us about how hard her work out was but her body didn’t reach the point that it’s ready for body building competition. Just perfect for a beauty pageant!

5th Place: Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

Her tummy area might look a bit weird to you, probably because of the angle of her body. Olga’s swimsuit photo made it into my list because of the immense sex appeal written all over it. A sexy face that matches a gorgeous body…

4th Place: Jamaica (Kerrie Baylis)

Oh, dear! I can perfectly see the hard work of Kerrie in preparing for the pageant. She looks healthy, fit and beautiful. The sexy factor comes with that pout 🙂

3rd Place: Israel (Titi Yitayish Ayenew)

No frills, no drama… The confidence of Yityish is very clear in this photo. She knows that she deserves to be on this list! Even the red lippie is saying something 😀

2nd Place: Bahamas (Lexi Wilson)

So pretty and so daring! It takes full confidence on one’s self to pull off this pose. Lexi delivered her swimsuit photo with the biggest bang. I love how she highlighted everything that needs to be glorified on this pic – the perfect shape of her leg, the lean and eternal arms, the right curves and the gorgeous face!

1st Place: Great Britain (Amy Willerton)

If Amy’s glam shot is part of her editorial feature then this photo must be the front page. The sex appeal is skyrocketing, the face is out of this world and the body is to die for! Putting her on top of this list was probably the easiest part in writing this article!

That was crazy… Trust me!

Please watch out for my favorite Evening Gown photos tomorrow 😀


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