Top 10 Favorite Evening Gown Photos – Miss Universe 2013

I really had fun in choosing my favorite official photos. I felt that I was a preliminary judge while going through each photo. I already shared with you my favorite Glam Shots and Swimsuit PhotosI also asked the help of a friend in coming up with the list of best Portrait Shots. Today, I will be sharing with you my list of favorite Evening Gown Photos. I asked the help of Tdex (my close friend) in coming up with the list. We argued and had different choices but were both satisfied with the photos that we have on this list. Of course, most of my choices are here. Hehehe!

Before we started choosing, it was clear to us that we were looking for the elegance and sophistication from the evening gown photos and the dress (its cut and design) were also taken into consideration. Here are our favorite evening gown photos:

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Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

10th Place: Australia (Olivia Wells)

I actually hate the hair and I am not really crazy with her beauty BUT I adore the simple styling and the “regal-ness” of the gown. The belt added some sweetness into the whole look.

9th Place: Switzerland (Dominique Rinderknecht)

I love the color of her gown and how her skin glows with it. Though, I wish she had a darker hair color to balance the brightness of the gown.

8th Place: Guatemala (Paulette Samayoa)

I immediately thought about the Matadors in Spain after seeing Paulette. She seems to be so fiesty with the fiery red color but the feminine styling made it such a dramatic number.

7th Place: Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

Gabriela looks like a queen in every inch of this photo. She is statuesque with this gown that hugs her curves perfectly.

6th Place: Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

You can rely on Olga to bring the “diva” to each of her photo. She delivered big time here. I don’t like the gown but with that face and that attitude, nothing can go wrong.

5th Place: Puerto Rico (Monic Perez)

Another show-stopping black gown courtesy of Puerto Rico. The gown fits Monic’s personality. It is elegant, sexy and really looks expensive. This reminds me of Cynthia Olavarria’s 2005 evening gown 😀

4th Place: Spain (Patricia Rodriguez)

There is so much confidence with the smile of Patricia. The gown fits her perfectly and the color does wonders to her skin tone 🙂 I can’t wait to see her in motion with this gown.

3rd Place: Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

Oh Dear, Whulandary brought the big guns. This is so good in so many levels. The hair, the facial expression, the gown and how it fits, everything is just divine!

2nd Place: Great Britain (Amy Willerton)

Amy is killing me softly with her perfection in photo after photo! The sophistication and queenly demeanor pours out from her pores. Perfect, just perfect!

1st Place: Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

I am in love with this queen and I adore this photo 🙂 It is amazing how the photographer captured the movement of her dress. The photo captured the innocence of her face and the sheer confidence of a queen!

Looking back, 4 of the 10 photos here are of candidates in red gown. Will it be the color of the finale?!? And what do you think with my choices?


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