Miss Universe 2013 (20th Update): My Thoughts on the Preliminary Competition

The Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2013 just ended minutes ago, If you weren’t able to see it, I am sure that there will be videos available in YouTube hours later. I will try to post tonight just in case i’ll find one 😀


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

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Before I sleep (I still have tons of work in the office), I would like to share with you the notes that I wrote down while watching it. My apologies if I can’t organize it and will write bullet points instead. I am really about to zzzz soon 😀

  • Olivia Culpo‘s jokes were not funny. It was annoying actually!
  • The 86 candidates were divided into 6 Batches: Batch 1 – Angola to Chile, Batch 2 – China to Germany, Batch 3 – Germany to Jamaica, Batch 4 – Japan to Noway, Batch 5 – Panama to Sri Lanka and Batch 6 – Sweden to Vietnam. In terms of their over-all performance, the weakest for me was Batch 4 and Batch 5 was the strongest!
  • The Preliminary Competition was divided into two: Swimsuit and the Evening Gown.
  • For the Swimsuit Competition, here are the stand-outs per batch: Batch 1 – Brazil and Bolivia, Batch 2 – Croatia and Dominican Republic, Batch 3 – Ghana, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia and Italy, Batch 4 – Mexico, Batch 5 – Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Spain and Batch 6 – Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela.
  • For the Evening Gown Competition, here are the stand-outs per batch: Batch 1- Argentina, Bahamas and Bolivia, Batch 2 – Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador and France, Batch 3 – Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel and Italy, Batch 4 – Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua and Nigeria, Batch 5 – Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa and Spain and Batch 6 – Switzerland, Tanzania, Ukraine and Venezuela.
  • Best Swimsuit Presentations were of Bolivia and Philippines.
  • Best Evening Gown Presentation was of Puerto Rico. Israel was a very close second.
  • Brazil had the best body… While Russia’s gown was my favorite…
  • Make-up were a bit off. Pong will not be pleased that the skin tone of the face, neck and chest of the candidates were uneven.
  • Costa Rica and Dominican Republic changed their gown from what they wore during the Evening Gown official photos. They ended up wearing tacky gowns. Poor decisions that may just cost them of a semifinalist spot.
  • Great Britain was overwhelmed by her gown and her evening gown presentation was a disaster. She is still strong over-all.
  • I am pleased with the performance of Philippines (Ara Arida). I think she did extremely well during the Swimsuit segment. That opening full turn deserves a special mention.

Considering all the performances and their aura and beauty during the competition, these are the candidates who I think stood-out:

Bolivia (Alexia Viruez)

Croatia (Melita Fabecic) 

Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

Ghana (Hanniel Jamin)

Great Britain (Hanniel Jamin)

Israel (Titi Yitayish Ayenew)

Italy (Luna Voce)

Peru (Cindy Mejia)

Philippines (Ara Arida)

Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

Puerto Rico (Monic Perez)

Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova)

Spain (Patricia Rodriguez)

Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

This will surely be an amazing Top 15!


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