A Prayer for the Philippines…

Last month, I was awaken by the shaking that we now know as the 7.2 magnitude quake that hit the Visayas Region, especially Cebu and Bohol. Several hundreds perished while more were injured. Families were left without homes. The inconvenience did not end there as the aftershocks continues. The tremor, the paranoia and the distress is causing emotional and mental strain to many. I am just thankful that despite all these, my friends are all safe and well!

Today, another natural calamity is expected to hit the region. The tropical storm “Haiyan” is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility within the next 48 hours. The tropical storm will likely develop into a “Supertyphoon” with a peak intensity of 130 knots (240 kilometers per hour). It is expected to landfall on Friday in the Samar-Leyte area and might just move westward to Cebu & Bohol. 

My heart goes out to the people in the Samar-Leyte, most especially to my Mom 😦 It pains me realizing that she is all alone at home bracing for the landfall of this so-called supertyphoon. If I can only fly and be with her at this moment, I would! My heart is breaking with the thought of my 65-year old “Nanay” as she gathers our documents and prepare her emergency kit as I instructed. I can only pray for her safety!


Photo Credits: cediefajardo,tumblr.com

We, Filipinos are known for our resiliency. Natural calamities and disasters may bend us but we will never be broken. Today, I ask prayers from all of you for the safety of every Filipino who will be affected by the said typhoon. Whatever is your religion or the faith/teaching that you believe in, I request for prayers. I am a great believer on the power of prayers and I hope that you will include is in yours.


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