Miss Universe 2013 (22nd Update): Where to Watch the Finale?

Despite the threat of “Supertyphoon” in the region, I am in high spirits as I anticipate the grandest beauty pageant finale this year – the grand finale of Miss Universe 2013. Since I can’t afford to watch it live, I will be watching the TV Broadcast. I will be watching the finale with my closest friends. It will be a memorable day! During the finale, I will be blogging about the highlights BUT you will be able to read real-time updates from my Official Facebook Fan Page since it is easier to update! Please LIKE my FB Fan Page now.


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

For those who are watching, I have here some TV schedule for your reference. I don’t have the list for all countries because Miss Universe Organization did not release any information about this. I also can’t confirm on the accuracy of the schedule below because it might just change without prior notice. I highly suggest that you contact your cable provider for the exact information.


Star World = Sunday (November 10 @ 2AM)

Video Credits: Zayn Malik of YouTube

Velvet Network = Sunday (November 10 @ 2AM)

ABS-CBN = Sunday (November 10 @ 9AM & 10PM)



Seven Network (7TWO) = Sunday (November 10 @ 5AM)



Zoom TV = Saturday (November 9 @ 11PM)



MediaCorp TV Channel 5 = Sunday (November 10 @ 2PM)



Paris Premiere = Saturday (November 9 @ 7PM)



Rede Bandeirantes = Saturday (November 9 @ 10:15PM)


Puerto Rico

Telemundo = Saturday (November 9 @ 9PM)



NBC = Saturday (November 9 @ 9PM ET) 


My apologies for the really crappy images…

My PC is on “Diva” mode today and is working real slow…

Enjoy your Miss Universe 2013 viewing experience!

Hope this article is of help 🙂


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