Miss Universe 2013 – My Personal Favorites

It took me several hours to finish this post because I had to concern myself in contacting my family who got affected by the Super Typhoon. I am happy to share that as of writing I already spoke with my “Nanay” who climbed a mountain just to get a cell signal. The 1:28 call is the sweetest call I ever took in my entire life! I would like to thank you for all the prayers 😀 Let us all continue to pray for the other families who are still waiting for news from their loved ones. I hope that the Miss Universe 2013 grand finale will temporarily bring beauty and joy to the million of Filipinos who got affected by this calamity!

With that said, I am very proud to share with you my list of personal favorites for the Miss Universe crown. I have a total of 20 delegates here: 4 are alternatives, 1 chosen by the readers and 15 are the ladies who I believe have the biggest shot for the crown.

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

The Alternatives

The delegates under the alternatives section are the ladies who will most likely enter the Top 16 if my Top 15 fails to enter.

Bolivia (Alexia Viruez)

Bolivia started as a pre-pageant favorite but got lost during the activities. Her performance during the preliminaries was excellent so I am putting the lady her.

Canada (Riza Santos)

I hated Canada at first! I really thought that she looked old and mature but the official shoots revealed her potential. She gave a pretty decent preliminary performance so I am not ruling her out.

USA (Erin Brady)

USA is only here because of her sash. I hated the granny face during the pre-final activities. Her preliminary performance was actually good so additional reasons why she is here!

Paraguay (Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera)

Guadalupe is one of my sentimental favorites this year. I adore her face and I wish that she will be given a chance to crack the semifinalist row.

The Fan Vote

16th –  Myanmar (Moe Set Wine)


Moe won the Kattera Readers’ Choice Award and I am listening to my readers so she is here!

The Ladies on Top

15th – Croatia (Melita Fabecic)

The exotic face… The impressive preliminary performance!

14th – Turkey (Berrin Keklikler)

The sweet face… The pleasant surprise in this batch…

13th – Italy (Luna Voce)

The official swimsuit sponsor is Italian and it might just help her chances. It is good that she possesses a beautiful face to justify her placement.

12th – France (Hinarani de Longeaux)

Disappointed of her performance but the gorgeous face can’t be denied.

11th – Israel ( Titi Yitayish Ayenew)

The most sophisticated queen for me! The class and elegance…

10th – Brazil (Jakelyne Oliveira)

She kicked some butts in Moscow with her unforgettable preliminary performance.

9th – Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova)

You can’t complete the list without the hometown girl. She did enough for me to survive the first cut later.

8th – Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

It breaks my heart seeing this lady her. She lost a bit of spark with that change of evening gown. I just hope that the adorable face will be her savior and I will be seeing her in the Top 5 list. I will be very happy if that will happen 😀

7th – Great Britain (Amy Willerton)

Another crowd favorite who lost spark during the preliminary performance with that unforgivable evening gown performance. Why change the gown?!? Grrr!

6th – Puerto Rico (Monic Perez)

One of the best performers during the preliminary. I will be the happiest if she will end up winning this!

4th Runner-up: Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

The classic beauty! She is queenly in every essence of the word.

3rd Runner-up: Spain (Patricia Rodriguez)

A strong competitor for the most beautiful face of the pageant award.

2nd Runner-up: Philippines (Ara Arida)

I would love to see Ara wearing the crown tonight 😀 It will be a welcome news to all the Filipino who went through difficult times because of the calamities. Of course, I saw how she worked really hard to be in this position. And, I am wishing that we finally get this position 😀

1st Runner-up: Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

She proved me wrong and I know how to accept mistakes. Day 1, I doubted her capabilities but like every other Venezuelan queen, Gabriela proved to me that she is one of the strongest this year!

Miss Universe 2013: Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

My sentimental favorite since the day she was crowned! I will stick with her no matter what…

There you go…

Thank you for making the Miss Universe 2013 season the best pageant season for my blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.


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