Miss Universe 2013: The Aftermath (My Thoughts on the Finale)

Miss Universe 2013 ended on a very high note for me. Before I go to lalaland, I decided to hit the keyboard and share with you my thoughts of the finale.


Photo Credits: Miss Universe

  • Production Quality: POOR – background music used in the opening, swimsuit and evening gown were boring; the choreography was not advantageous to the candidates and the whole pageant seemed rushed even if it was for two long hours.
  • Hosts and Commentators’ Performances: AVERAGE – there was nothing exceptional on the performances of Thomas, Mel B and Jeannie. Mel B was a bit lifeless comparing it to her performance in Miss Universe 2008. I am too annoyed and tired hearing Jeannie Mai’s voice. I appeal to Miss Universe Organization to please stop getting Jeannie as commentator. Thomas was a snoozefest. Even Bret Michael’s trainwreck performance in Miss Universe 2010 was a step ahead than Thomas’.
  • Top 16: AVERAGE – I was shocked realizing the list of Top 16. Poland, Israel and even Russia were conspicuously missing. I surely don’t get the reason behind the inclusion of China, Nicaragua and Indonesia. I got 8 out of my Top 16 and one from my alternatives.
  • Top 10: GOOD – I was satisfied with the Top 10. I got 7 out of my 10. Puerto Rico was shockingly dropped after her swimsuit performance. I thought that the performance was one of the best but it was her beauty that was styled with those hideous curls that ruined everything. If I had my way, I would have traded Costa Rica and Puerto Rico with USA and India.
  • Top 5: GOOD – My score was 3 out of 5 and I can’t be happier. My 2nd – 4th placer candidates were still alive. Shockers on the girls that were dropped. Any of Great Britain and Ukraine could have taken Ecuador’s place. By this time, I was crazy trying to understand why Ecuador was there. She looked really mature and her evening gown performance was not even memorable. The moment that Dominican Republic went out with that tacky gown, I had a very strong feeling that she will be dropped and she was! She topped my list of favorite evening gown in that peach colored dress so I don’t understand the reason behind changing the gown.
  • Placements: EXCELLENT – Despite the absence of my sentimental favorite Paulina Krupinska of Poland in the Top 16, I felt that Gabriela Isler’s win was my vindication! I had a lot of doubts on Day 1 but Gabriela was just unstoppable. Spain and Philippines’ placements were just perfect!

To my friends who are asking about my comments on Ara – Ara delivered the best answer among the 5 candidates but Pong’s theory is working here again… “The best answer doesn’t win!” – Pong! I believe that she lost the title because she was not “the best” during the Q & A and during the “Last Look”. Venezuela claimed the title by answering in a very serene and calm manner with an elegance that we only see in queens. You should also check-out Venezuela’s face during the last look. She was confident about her performance and it translated on her face 😀

Congratulations Venezuela for claiming your 7th Miss Universe crown


for proving (once again) that you are the most successful pageant powerhouse in the Universe 😀


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