Bangon Visayas: Help is Needed. Donate NOW!

Typhoon Damage

Photo Credits: Red Cross

If you have been monitoring the news, you are probably aware already of the immense destruction of properties and escalating death toll due to the Super Typhoon “Haiyan”. This super typhoon is considered by some as the strongest typhoon in the recorded history of the world. Our country needs your help as we rise from this natural calamity and start rebuilding our lives.

I appeal to you my kind-hearted readers to join the Filipinos in our hope to help Visayas stand-up after this calamity! Let us all shout – “Bangon Visayas” (Stand-Up Visayas)!

If you want to share your blessings and help Visayas stand-up, you can donate to the following organizations that are currently organizing relief operations for the typhoon victims:

  1. Philippine Red CrossYou can contribute directly to the organization that is usually first on the scene in any calamity in the country – the Philippine Red Cross. Click their organization name and you will be routed to a page where you can donate. Choose which specific campaign that you want to support – please choose Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), indicate the amount that you would like to donate (accepted donations is in Philippine Peso; $1 = roughly 43 Philippine Peso) and choose the payment method (options are Paypal or Credit Cards).
  2. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) – You can also choose to contribute to the organization that takes care of the children who got affected by the calamity. Their goal is to provide access to safe water, hygiene supplies, food, shelter and a safe environment to recover for almost 4 million children affected.
  3. Gawad Kalinga – is an organization that help build communities in the country. They are at the forefront of the relief operations as they prepare food packs for immediate distribution to the the affected areas and slowly re-build their communities.

As you prepare to help, make sure also that you donate directly to the organization which is at the front line of the on-going relief operations like the organizations I cited above. Search for their websites and confirm the links I posted here! I am counting on your generosity friends. Thank you very much! Your help will surely go a very long way…


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