Miss Cebu 2014 (2nd Update): The Profile Photos

The official candidates of Miss Cebu 2014 were introduced last month through an event attended by Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama. The 12 candidates are now going through some pre-pageant activities which include packing of relief goods for those who got affected by the Super Typhoon.

Today, I am sharing with you the official Profile Photos of the official candidates. This is a close-up photo of each candidate and these will be used in the official public voting polls in Cebu City malls soon. I have my favorite photos and I am sharing them below:

Photo Credits: Joseph Ong

The Cebu City Tourism Commission announced that Candidate #7 Marilis Morales dropped-out of the competition and was replaced by Jennifer Rose Montecillo.

My favorites are (in random order): Candidate # 10, 8, 2, 3 & 9! How about you?


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4 Responses to Miss Cebu 2014 (2nd Update): The Profile Photos

  1. Very much i like the pagent…candidates are lovely & intelligence …but im so inspired to the one who caught my attention most …from the on the competition ..no other than candidate #10…she deserve to win.

  2. I loved watching pageant show ..
    Now i like miss cebu competition they have lovely candidates with full of energy & intellect …as the show go on their was some who caught my attention most …no other than candidate no.8,2,10,4,& 9. So good luck…

  3. Grabeeeehhhh! Almost of all my choices win…yeeeheeeyyy..sayang wa naapil c no.4 but okay lng @ least daog c no.8 congratulation …

  4. Sayang! D no. 10…hehea but okay lng 1st mn sd…”together we can make things happened” same tayo ng paniniwala…tyo n mayor …

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