Shout-Out of the Day (11.15.13): What to Expect?

I just came home from work and I am about to leave again. I thought that it would be best to leave you a not explaining my absence for the past few days.

I told you about the Super Typhoon Yolanda that caused a lot of destruction in the Visayas region. As a proud Bisaya, I am currently busy extending any form of help to my Kababayans who were affected by the calamity. I am also working on bringing my Nanay Samar to Cebu because life there is uncomfortable with very limited food and no electricity. I wrote fewer beauty-pageant posts because of this. I really hope you understand! I am again appealing to you, my kind-hearted readers, for your help. Click THIS to know more 🙂

I will pick-up my beauty pageant posts this weekend, I promise! I will start my full coverage of Miss Earth 2013 and give you Miss Cebu 2014 updates. I will also be posting the winners of the Kattera Awards: Miss Universe 2013 really soon! I am very excited for Miss Earth especially that I will be meeting the candidates in person! Yes, I will be in Manila twice to witness some key activities of the pageant. Hope you are excited! See you soon…


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