I Love Tereza Fajksova!


I love Tereza Fajksova. This lady who represented Czech Republic in Miss Earth 2012 was down-to-earth and humble as she was stunning and statuesque.

The Press Conference of Miss Earth 2013 happened at an open area near the pool of F1 Hotel. The rain disrupted the program as it was a bit gloomy on that day. As everyone was rushing back into the hotel, I was at the back of Rodgil Flores who was carrying some plastic bags. In front of the beauty queen maker was Tereza who said that Rodgil looked stressed and worried and kissed Rodgil’s cheek. Despite the rain, she accommodated every request for a picture by the reporters and fans! Tereza is such an Earth Angel 😀


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2 Responses to I Love Tereza Fajksova!

  1. Tereza changed my perception about blondes, I thought they were kinda snob and hard to reach but she proved me wrong. I’m just so sad that her reign will be over as she was such an exceptional woman, trully a beauty with a cause.

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