Miss Earth 2013 (6th Update): My Favorites at the Press Conference

After sharing with you my notes from the Press Conference of Miss Earth 2013, I will let you know the candidates who made a very good impression on the said event 🙂

I was looking for a candidate with a very beautiful face, a decent and pageant-ready swimsuit body, an amiable personality and someone who expressed her thoughts well and sounded sincere during the short introduction. These are the girls that I will be watching closely as the finale approaches and will most likely occupy my list of favorites.

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Group 1 (Albania to British Virgin Islands)


Austria (Katia Wagner)

Bolivia (Maria Rene Carmona)

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Vera Krneta)

Brazil (Priscilla Martins)

Group 2 (Canada to Czech Republic)


Canada (Sofiya Chorniy)

Costa Rica (Mariela Aparicio)

Cote D’Ivoire (Bintou Traore)

Group 3 (Denmark to Guam)


England (Chloe Othen)

France (Sophie Garenaux)

Gabon (Filiane Mayombo Koundi)

Germany (Caroline Noeding)

Group 4 (Guatemala to Korea)


Hungary (Dalma Huszarovics)

India (Sobhita Dhulipala)

Indonesia (Nita Sofiani)

Korea (Catharina Choi)

Group 5 (Kosovo to Mongolia)


Martinique (Rani Charles)

Mexico (Cristal Silva)

Group 6 (Nepal to Poland)


Netherlands (Wendy-Kristy Hoogerbrugge)

Panama (Johanna Batista)

Paraguay (Leticia Caceres)

Philippines (Angelee delos Reyes)

Group 7 (Portugal to Slovenia)


Romania (Ioana Mihalache)

Russia (Olesya Boslovyak)

Serbia (Andjelka Tomasevic)

Slovak Republic (Lucia Slaninkova)

Group 8 (South Africa to Trinidad & Tobago)


Thailand (Punika Khunsuntonrat)

Group 9 (Turkey to Zimbabwe)


Ukraine (Anatasia Sukh)

USA (Nicolle Velez)

Venezuela (Alyz Henrich)

Zambia (Winnie-Fredah Kabwe)

Out of the 30 candidates that I mentioned, those in RED are the girls that I feel are the strongest among all the delegates 🙂

I am excited to see what else can they bring to the stage?!?


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One Response to Miss Earth 2013 (6th Update): My Favorites at the Press Conference

  1. It’s hard to choose, I dont know what to feel or say incase we will see the very same countries again in the top 4 for 3 consecutive years- Brazil, Philippines and Venezuela. Although among these 3, I’m rooting for Venezuela as I’m not nationalistic when it comes to Philippine placement at Miss Earth. I’m ok with a top 16 or top 8.

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