Alyssa Campanella Speaks About Her “Secret Battle” during Miss Universe 2011!

I would like to thank my friend Jay for forwarding the link to this story!


Photo Credits: She Is More

Alyssa Campanella was the representative of USA to Miss Universe 2011. She was an early favorite for the Miss Universe crown after clinching the Miss USA 2011 title. However, she lost her spark when she competed in Brazil. I can remember the allegations that she was suffering from eating disorder 😦 I honestly don’t remember if I did write anything related to it about Alyssa. But before writing this, I reviewed some of my Miss Universe 2011 entries and what I saw was my complaint on how mediocre her preliminary performance was 😦

Alyssa failed to enter Top 16 and I continued to live my life! Little did I know (and I am sure that no one was aware) that Alyssa was fighting a secret battle while in Brazil and had to face it alone after Miss Universe 2013!

Click THIS for the blog entry written by Alyssa Campanella! 

I am very sorry to hear about Alyssa’s experience. Here are some of the things that I guess we should all remember:

  1. “You can never take words back!” – this applies to just about everything and everyone in the world. We can not take the words back, so think twice or thrice before saying or encoding it.
  2. Learn the difference between Cyberbullying and Constructive Criticism. I’d rather not mention someone than talk trash about that person.
  3. Again, it is not easy to be a beauty queen! It is certainly not just about the beauty, body and brains. You also need a much stronger spirit because a lot will try to pull you down 😀

I say NO TO CYBERBULLYING! I would like to thank Alyssa for speaking out and I hope that she will use her position to further this cause 🙂 Thank you for inspiring more people with this story! Mabuhay ka Alyssa!


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