Photo of the Day (12.01.13) My Favorite Photo of Megan Young!

As Miss World 2013 and a famous actress in the Philippines, I am pretty sure that Megan Young already landed on the glossy covers of magazines and made headlines in local and international broad sheets! But nothing will beat this headline 🙂 This is by far my most favorite photo of Megan Young…. Ever!


Photo Credits: Cebu Daily News

It was so nice of Megan to personally visit the devastated towns and cities in Eastern Visayas. But seeing this and reading what she experienced there, made me see Megan on such a very different light! Though I am from Samar, I was in Cebu when the Super Typhoon Yolanda ravaged in Eastern Visayas. I may not fathom the whole situation but the first hand accounts from my relatives gave me a glimpse on how grim the situation was/is. And for Megan to personally be there, mingle with these survivors, putting smile back on the faces of these survivors and thinking for more ways to help them, Megan is filling my heart with so much adoration and love! Thank You Megan! Thank you Miss World Organization! Thank You Cebu Daily News! Thank You!

Click THIS for the full CDN article!

Thanks to Evert for the link 😀


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