Miss Earth 2013 (9th Update): The Preliminary Swimsuit Competition

After the Preliminary Evening Gown competition last weekend, Miss Earth 2013 staged the Preliminary Swimsuit Competition two days ago. Unlike the evening gown competition, the swimsuit competition featured only the 15 swimsuit finalists.

The Miss Earth 2013 candidates were divided into three smaller group. Each group organized a group-level swimsuit competition and chose 5 finalists. These 15 won their respective group-level swimsuit competitions and battled-it out in the preliminary competition. Here are the winners from the said event:

Gold: Ukraine (Anatasia Sukh)

Silver: Brazil (Priscilla Martins)

Bronze: Venezuela (Alyz Henrich)

Photo Credits: Miss Earth Facebook Page

Here are the photos of the finalists 🙂

Photo Credits: Miss Earth Facebook Page

Austria (Katia Wagner)

Bolivia (Maria Rene Carmona)


Colombia (Diana Carolina Ortegon)

Costa Rica (Mariela Aparicio)

Mauritius (Virginie Dorza)

Mexico (Cristal Silva)

Philippines (Angelee delos Reyes)

Serbia (Andjelka Tomasevic)

Slovak Republic (Lucia Slaninkova)

South Africa (Ashanti Mbanga)

Spain (Cristina Martinez)

Sweden (Denice Andree)



Are you happy with the results?!?

My bets were Brazil and Costa Rica!


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