Miss Earth 2013 – Coronation Night Updates

I am excited to witness the coronation of Miss Earth 2013 tonight! The glittering event will start in 10 minutes. I will be posting updates here for those who can’t watch the finals LIVE. Please check this post from time to time for latest updates:

Miss Earth 2013 Live Streaming Links


Beauty Pageant Channel


The pageant started with the parade of nations…

A Pre-recorded video introduction of the candidates grouped per region!


Top 16

Austria (Katia Wagner)

Turkey (Ezgi Avci)

Korea (Catharina Choi)

Chile (Natalia Lermanda)

Mexico (Cristal Silva)

France (Sophie Garenaux)

China (Lisa Xiang)

Mauritius (Virginie Dorza)

Thailand (Punika Khunsuntonrat)

Spain (Cristina Martinez)

Poland (Aleksandra Szczesna)

USA (Nicolle Velez)

Philippines (Angelee delos Reyes)

South Africa (Ashanti Mbanga)

Venezuela (Alyz Henrich)

Serbia (Andjelka Tomasevic)

I got 9 out of my Top 16 and 3 of my alternatives made it (as usual)


Swimsuit was a bit of a snoozefest….

Philippines, Venezuela, Thailand and Serbia were the best!


The Top 16 are back for the Evening Gown competition…

And the background music was Wrecking Ball… Seriously?!?

France, Mexico, Mauritius, Thailand, Philippines
& Venezuela stood-out!

TOP 8 is NEXT!!!


Top 8 of Miss Earth 2013









5 out of my Top 8 went through plus 1 Alternative & 1 Top 16 😀

So happy with the Top 8!


Casual Interview of the Top 8

Then Farewell Walk of Tereza Fajksova

This is probably the best farewell speech I’ve heard so far!

I love you Tereza!

Announcement of Winners Next!


Miss Earth 2013: Venezuela (Alyz Henrich)

Miss Earth Air 2013: Austria (Katia Wagner)

Miss Earth Water 2013: Thailand (Punika Khunsuntonrat)

Miss Earth Fire 2013: Korea (Catharina Choi)



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