Miss Earth 2013 – My Personal Favorites

It’s the biggest day for the Earth! In several hours, we will meet the next Earth Angel as Miss Earth 2013 draws to a glittering finale. Before I share with you my list of favorite candidates, let me take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people of Carousel Productions, specially to Ms. Astrud Schuck for being so accommodating. Thank you very much!


Photo Credits: Miss Earth

Now, I am pleased to share with you my list of favorites for the Miss Earth 2013 title. Included on this list are my sentimental favorites and those who excelled in several pre-pageant activities. For this Miss Earth edition, I just observed that most of my choices were the stunners of the batch! The thought of stunning elemental queens excites me! Here are the ladies:

The Alternatives

These beautiful delegates are just a fraction below the list. An upset is very possible with these four.

Slovak Republic (Lucia Slaninkova)

Lucia is one of the best blondes this year… Gorgeous face!

Chile (Natalia Lermanda)

Chile has an amazing personality…

Mexico (Cristal Silva)

I am not really sold-out with her facial beauty but she did well during pre-pageant.

USA (Nicolle Velez)

She had a very weak pre-pageant performance.

Top 16


My Top 16

16th: Bolivia (Maria Rene Carmona)

She towers over the other delegates, literally. She will not go unnoticed.

15th: Spain (Cristina Martinez)

She’s not really a favorite of mine but I have to acknowledge her impressive pre-pageant performance…

14th: Korea (Catharina Choi)

She had a very big potential to win the race. I am not just sure on why she remained “silent” through the pre-pageant activities…

13th: France (Sophie Garenaux)

I adore Sophie’s face. I thought that if Miss Earth will opt for a natural beauty, Sophie will surely be on the choices.

12th: Nepal  (Rojisha Shahi Thakuri)

Rojisha impressed me with her pre-pageant showing. What I like about her is that she worked silently and without much flair. She just let her performance speak for itself.

11th: Martinique (Rani Charles)

She is one of my personal favorites this year. So full of personality 🙂

10th: South Africa (Ashanti Mbanga)

I’m not really a fan of Ashanti’s beauty but her charm, personality and impressive pre-pageant performance made up for it! She deserves to be a semifinalist.

9th: Brazil (Priscilla Martins)

Priscilla is in this position because the Top 8 group is a bit crowded with stunners. However, I will not be surprised seeing her penetrate the exclusive group as she is one of the strongest Latina this year.

Top 8


8 Wonders of Miss Earth 2013

8th: India (Sobhita Dhulipala)

She deserved the Miss Photogenic award. This lady is gorgeous in person!

7th: Austria (Katia Wagner)

Another sentimental favorite this year! I hope the organizers will take notice of her dedication and hardwork 🙂

6th: Ukraine (Anatasia Sukh)

You can never be wrong with that stunning face. The swimsuit award confirms her frontrunner status.

5th: Philippines (Angelee delos Reyes)

I will dare say that Angelee is the most prepared Filipina delegate this year.

The Elemental Queens


The most beautiful Latina this year!


The most prepared delegate!


My ultimate favorite this year!


The ultimate “performer” during Miss Earth 2013…

That’s it from me! Congratulations ladies!


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