An iPhone 5C for all Miss International 2013 Candidates!

Now this is what you call a “warm welcome” 🙂 The candidates of Miss International 2013 were each given their own iPhone 5C upon arriving in Japan. Good job to the organizers. It is very common for candidates to feel home sick during the competition. They can use this phone to contact their loved ones easily. This also means that there will be more photos from the candidates posted in their social networking pages. Now, that would be promising for us fans 😀


Photo Credits: Missosology

Here you see USA (Andrea Neu) and Estonia (Madli Vilsar) showing off their new iPhone 5C upon arriving in Japan for Miss International 2013.

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I only hope that they can bring it at home. It would be awkward if the organizers will collect the phones after the coronation.


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