Miss International 2013 (3rd Update): Who Stood Out?!?

GrandSlam beauty pageants like Miss International 2013 attract a good size of candidates. This year, we can expect a battle royale from the 72 confirmed delegates. These ladies are already in Tokyo, Japan and I will be sharing to you photos from their activities later.

First, let me share with you some group photos that the candidates took during their first few days in this magnificent city. I wan’t you to be on the look-out for the candidate/s who stood out in each photo. Why is it really important for a delegate to stand-out in photos? It is simple. When you stand-out you get noticed and when you get noticed, people will be talking about you. I am pretty sure that organizers will be looking differently on a candidate who can generate much buzz. It means ratings and more advertisers or sponsors for the pageant! It’s just the reality! Now, take a look at these photos and let me know who stood out for you…

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Photo Credits: Missosology

Bolivia (Adriana Delgadillo Galvan) looks really promising. If not for her awkward smile her, she could have slayed the other delegates. I also am a fan of that lady with a statement necklace. My guess is that she is Katarzyna Oracka from Poland.

I am so disappointed with USA (Andrea Neu). There is nothing about her that excites me. Stand-out in this group is Ashley Beth Perez Calderon of Puerto Rico. I am also seeing some potential from Guadeloupe (Meghane Monrose) and Germany (Oksana Koroleva). Whatchathink?!?

Ugh, there are a lot of gorgeous ladies in Miss International 2013.. Just here, I can probably name 4-6 stand-outs. But it’s Puerto Rico and Finland (Helianna Ylimaula) who made the best impression here. Nathalie den Dekker of Netherlands needs to change that hairstyle. She looks way older than her age with that hairstyle.

Marisa Sartika Maladewi of Indonesia have the sweetest smile here. Iceland (Sigrun Eva Armanndottir) lacks the personality to match the pre-arrival hype. To Eva, change that hairstyle because it looks ridiculous.

That’s it for now and will share candid photos of the Miss International 2013 candidates next 🙂


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