Rappler’s Grand Slam Beauty Pageant Map

Photo Credits: thenewmedia.com

While online this weekend, I came across with a very unique and interesting article from Rappler (www.rappler.com). Check-out the full article HERE written by Michael Bueza.

I got very interested with the article because: (1) The focus of the article was the performance of different countries in the Grand Slam (Big 4) pageants – Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. Unlike other beauty pageant websites, I remain supportive of the cause of Miss Earth and considering the quality and number of delegates as well as the production being staged year after year, I believe that it IS and DESERVES to be considered as a Grand Slam pageant. (2) Staying true to their nature, the Rappler article is part interactive.  Included in the article is a map where you can click on any country and you will see its stats – total number of grand slam pageants, number of grand slam crowns and number of grand slam pageant finalist. I actually had fun clicking on different countries and checking out their grand slam pageant performance.

As per rappler’s data, the top 5 countries with the most number of grand slam pageants are:

USA – 189 Pageants
(63 in MW, 61 in MU, 52 in MI and 13 in ME)

 France – 186 Pageants
(63 in MW, 62 in MU, 51 in MI and 10 in ME)

Germany – 186 Pageants
(61 in MW, 62 in MU, 53 in MI and 10 in ME)

Japan – 182 Pageants
(58 in MW, 60 in MU, 53 in ME and 11 in ME)

Venezuela – 181 Pageants
(56 in MW, 60 in MU, 53 in MI and 12 in ME)

Philippines ranks a bit lower with…

Philippines – 169 Pageants
(46 in MW, 58 in MU, 52 in MI and 13 in ME)

Go ahead, visit the article and enjoy the interactive map…

Thank you Rappler! I had fun 🙂

I would like to ask for your permission to use the map on work on something for my readers….


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