Miss Cebu 2014 (4th Update): The Glam Shots

We are counting days – 11 days to be exact – before we meet the newest Cebuana Queen. Miss Cebu 2014 will be crowned on January 15! Before we talk about the details of the big finale, let me share with you the Glam Shots of the 12 candidates. These shots are now displayed in major malls for the online voting for the Miss Photogenic award. Check-out the official Facebook page of Miss Cebu for details of the public voting 🙂 This list already includes the new candidate #7 – Jennifer Montecillo. Here are the glam shots for you:

Photo Credits: Miss Cebu FB Page and Dan Ong

I feel that the girls weren’t able to deliver what was required of them in this glam shot. Though it would be unfair to compare the output to the glam shots of international beauty pageants, I love it when the candidates of local pageants like Miss Cebu surprise us fans with an impressive shot. Of the 12, my favorite shot is the photo of Candidate # 9 – Grace Anne Marie Yap! Her eyes were full of emotions. The photo was not too “pose-y” yet there was drama – exactly what is required in a glam shot. Her face was intense yet she looked absolutely gorgeous while on it 🙂

Which photo impressed you?


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