An Open Letter to Kris Tiffany Janson


Photo Credits: Dan Douglas Ong

January 8, 2013

Dear Kris,

Happy New Year! 2014 seems to be your year as you are about to embark into (probably) the most exciting trip of your life – Binibining Pilipinas. I saw your screening photo and I can confirm that you are indeed keen on joining the most important national pageant of the country.

I am one of your fans and I can assure you that you have my support in this journey. Heck, i’ve been praying to the beauty pageant goddesses for your foray into the national beauty pageant scene for years now. Let me take this moment to tell you some of my feelings and insights 🙂

1. I have mixed feelings with your decision to screen for Binibining Pilipinas 2014. I am glad that you are indeed dipping your toes into the national pageant scene but to be honest, I really want to see you compete in Miss World because your profile (Beauty + Personality) fits the pageant perfectly. If in case you will end-up empty handed in Binibining Pilipinas 2014 – which will be a big injustice by the way, please go ahead and screen for Miss World Philippines 2014.

2. I will surely be praying that you end up with one of the crowns on March 30. If I have my way, you will only be choosing between the Miss Universe Philippines and the Binibining Pilipinas International titles because getting the other two titles is for me an insult. I wish that you end up representing us in Miss Universe 2014 – I am really wishing you this. If we will base it on historical data, the MUP title has been awarded to a lady from a competitor camp 7 times for the past 8 years. I just wish that you will replicate what happened in 2009.

3. Some of my friends who knows you personally told me that you are such a nice person and can easily get along with other people. Please be yourself and just stay cool 🙂 Let your personality shine through.

4. You still have enough time… Please continue toning your body! You might want to focus on your abdominal muscles.

5. I heard that you are very much concerned with your legs. No need to worry dear! It looks pageant-ready here 🙂

Again, I only have nothing but praises for you Kris! I wish you the best of luck. I can only feel that you will make Cebu proud… Mabuhi Ka Kris!


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