Miss Cebu 2014 (6th Update): Pre-Pageant Night Photos

You have seen the wonderful opening of the Pre-Pageant Night of Miss Cebu 2014 last Saturday. I was supposed to post the photos yesterday but my watermark software was such a bummer. After some emergency downloads and updates, here are the photos from the event!

The event lasted for about two hours and I enjoyed every minute of it 🙂 After the opening and the candidates’ intro, the girls paraded in their fun wear designed by Cebu’s Top Young Designers. It was a perfect venue to test the catwalk skills of the candidates! I kinda’ expected it that the girls were a bit weak on their walk. We have to take into consideration that this is the first pageant for some of the candidates. I just hope that Miss Cebu will provide a much more in-depth catwalk training to future candidates. I have to commend Candidate #10 Eva Patalinjug for her great stage presence.

Next part was the casual interview 🙂 It was facilitated by the hosts – Paolo Varela and Mia Faridon – Miss Cebu 2011. It was also the perfect time to test the ability of the candidates to “survive” the dreaded Question & Answer segment. One thing that you can expect from a Miss Cebu candidate is that each of the lady delivers a home-run on this pageant. The pre-pageant night ended with the announcement of the winners on some awards.

After the event, I had a chance to speak with the Project Chairperson of Miss Cebu 2014 – Ms. Jaja Chiongbian-Rama – who, by the way, was the one who encouraged me to attend the event. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask her questions that I wanted to ask for such a long time such as Why is it that Miss Cebu favors those who can communicate well and excel on the Question and Answer portion? and What is the reason behind not staging swimsuit competition? I liked our conversation and I was able to answer my own questions after.

Miss Cebu aims to bring the best out of every candidate. It is a competition as much as a self-discovery event. Every beauty pageant fan should understand that the pageant format is not patterned from a national or international pageant because it is not just regional pageant aimed at discovering future Filipina queens but it is mainly a pageant to find the perfect Cebuana who will carry the name of the island that we love, with such class, character and charm!

From L-R: Mia Faridon (Miss Cebu 2011), Jaja Rama (Miss Cebu 2014 Project Chairperson) & Maria Gigante (Miss Cebu 2013 2nd RU)

I also had a chance to talk to former Miss Cebu contestants and I have some chika about their national pageant plans. Of course, I will introduce you to Maria Gigante 🙂 SOON!


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