Miss Cebu 2014 – My Personal Favorites

Covering Miss Cebu 2014 was such a delightful experience for me. I am sure that I will also be enjoying the coronation night tonight. And before I take in all the beaut, class and glamour and so enjoy myself, let me share with you the five beautiful Cebuanas who are my favorites for the crown.

4th Runner-up: Jennifer Montecillo (#7)

I can see a lot of potential with this young lady! She is tall and with proper styling, her beauty can be a knock-out! She badly needs to work on her walk and her presentation skills. I just hope that the judges will see that she is a diamond in the rough.

3rd Runner-up: Margret Tracy Manolop (#5)

Margret has a very distinct aura that you can’t help but notice her! She seemed to be meek and a bit shy but I can’t deny the fact that that gorgeous face of her will bring her far!

2nd Runner-up: Crystal Star Aberasturi (#2)

She is the perfect commercial model 🙂 In fact, she won most of the sponsor awards during the pre-pageant which is a testament on how she can be a commercial success! She has possesses a very beautiful face and I am sure that she will maximize it tonight. She also has a strong chance to win the crown tonight. If only she is taller….

1st Runner-up: Grace Anne Marie Yap (#9)

G-Anne is for me the most photogenic candidate this year! In fact, I heard from a very reliable source that she is also the favorite of the pageant official photographers. I loved her aura  on stage and I feel that she will be doing good later!

Miss Cebu 2014: Eva Psychee Patalinjug (#10)


Eva delivered a stellar performance last Saturday! The styling, the confident walk and the queenly aura – everything was just right on the dot. After the pre-pageant event, I had a quick chat with Eva and girls, she was way more gorgeous up close. She also impressed me with her humility as she thanked us for our tips and suggestions. It would be a bummer if Eva will not win the title. She is such a complete package!

 I wish every candidate the best of luck tonight!

May the most beautiful woman win!


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