Miss Cebu 2014 (Last Update): My Official Review


Photo Credits: Miss Cebu FB Page

Miss Cebu 2014 Coronation Night will be remembered because of several reasons – good and bad. And before I finally close this chapter, let me give you my official review of what transpired earlier 🙂

The Fab

  • The Launching of the Balik Balay Campaign – Miss Cebu Foundation launched this campaign to help rebuild the lives and the homes of Super Typhoon Yolanda. I am waiting for more information about this campaign and I will be glad to share them with all of you.
  • The choice of music for each segment was just perfect! I am also happy to see a “different” and more upbeat Opening Number for Miss Cebu.
  • The performances of Kate TorralbaAnnette Osmena and the Cebu Dance Sport Team were phenomenal. It was a true showcase of Cebuano Talent!
  • As expected, the evening gowns of the candidates were heavenly! I was specifically in awe with the Albert Arriba (worn by Candidate # 2) and Ditas Rodriguez gown (worn by Candidate #10)
  • The “Reunion” segment of former Miss Cebu/Miss Sinulog/Miss Cebu Tourism finalists, candidates and winners was a very strong part of the program. Seeing how successful and how beautiful they were years after, only mirrors the success of this pageant.
  • Candidate #10 – Eva Psychee Patalinjug – swept all the awards given last night. I thought that the Best in Evening Gown was rightfully deserved and the Miss Friendship was a very pleasant surprise echoing my thoughts that she is indeed nice!

The Drab

  • Though I enjoyed the whole show and how it was so “Cebu”, it lacked the “star power” needed to capture the attention of the fans. A celebrity host or a known balladeer could have helped bring in much more spotlight to the event.
  • Oh, I missed Jude Bacalso during the Casual Interview! Jude is still the best host to handle the complicated Q&A segment.
  • It was very noticeable that there were a few more people in the audience this year. I also missed the “screaming” fans as there were only few this year. They might be annoying sometimes but I surely missed the cray cray this year.
  • I was actually expecting more judges with more names this year. I highly recommend inviting beauty queens as judges next time. Beauty Queen discoverer and handlers will also be perfect for the job!
  • Miss Universe was once dubbed as the Super Bowl of Pageants. I must say that, with the results, Miss Cebu might just be the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest of Pageants. Despite sweeping all the awards, a very polished stage performance and a decent and acceptable answer to the final question, Eva Psychee Patalinjug (Candidate #10) settled just with the 1st Runner-up Title. Cheriemel Diane Muego (Candidate #8) was nowhere near the crown when the show started but got it after her excellent casual interview performance. I even think that with that casual interview performance, Diane’s final interview performance – no matter how she performed – will have less impact on her scores. Please don’t get me wrong! I don’t have anything against Miss Cebu and Diane. We just have to understand that Miss Cebu is not a regional pageant for a bigger competition. It is useless gauging the winner and trying to assess her chances in national and international beauty pageants! It is for a fact that the pageant prefers candidates who can overcome the final interview with so much wit, grace and poise. They just crowned the girl who did just that!

Congratulations to Diane Muego and the Eva Patalinjug!

A sincere Thank You to Jaja Rama and the Cebu City Tourism Commission for accommodating me 🙂


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