Ceska Miss 2014 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

On the first half of the year, pageant aficionados are treated to various national pageants electing the countries’ official representatives to the Grand Slam pageants later that year. One of the national pageants that I look forward to each year is Ceska Miss. The pageant is one of the most successful pageants in Europe with an excellent set of candidates year after year. I also admire the quality of the production and the set of winners is pretty acceptable to all.

Today, I am very happy to share with you the official candidates of Ceska Miss 2014. Who among these ten beautiful candidates will represent Czech Republic in Miss Universe 2014Miss World 2014 and Miss Earth 2014. Here are the ladies:

Gabriela Bendova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Kristyna Svobodova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Simona Simkova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Simona Dvorakova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Nikola Buranska

Photo Credits: iglanc.cz

Kamila Bezpalcova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Tereza Skoumalova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Veronika Kasakova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Martina Hlavnickova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

Gabriela Frankova

Photo Credits: ceskamiss.cz

I am excited to see more from these ladies. Last year, the international travel destination for their candidates was here in the Philippines. I am excited to know their destination this year!


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