Kattera Awards 2014

I am very pleased to share with you the winners of Kattera Awards 2014. I received positive feedback from my Kattera Awards 2013 choices and I though of creating a poll to determine your favorites for the different awards. I am very glad to announce that we have the same choices as winners for all categories proving that we are on the same page in terms of beauty queen preferences 🙂 You guys are surely the best!

Here are the winners:

Non-Placer of the Year
Paulina Krupinska of Poland
(Miss Universe 2013)

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Paulina’s inclusion as semifinalist in Miss Universe 2013 could very well be considered as the biggest injustice last year! With her undeniable facial beauty and a muted but dead-on preliminary performance, I totally don’t see any reason behind the snub. She could have altered the total result if she was only given a chance to be on the Top 16.

Nominees were:

Anatasia Sukh of Ukraine (Miss Earth 2013)
Lucero Montemayor of Mexico (Miss International 2013)
Denise Valerie Ayena of Cameroon (Miss World 2013)

Body of the Year
Amy Willerton of Great Britain

(Miss Universe 2013)

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Amy’s body reminded me of those I have seen in “Baywatch”. We all see how fit and healthy her body is. She was clearly in tip-top shape during the competition. Amy won this award because her body looked feminine and sexy despite the muscles. She was able to tone down her body and making sure that at the end of the day, it’s her sex appeal that will be noticed. This was clearly the case when Amy burned the stage during the swimsuit round.

Nominees were:

Priscilla Martins of Brazil (Miss Earth 2013)
Bea Santiago of Philippines (Miss International 2013)
Sancler Frantz Konzen of Brazil (Miss World 2013)

Face of the Year
Andjelka Tomasevic of Serbia
(Miss Earth 2013)

Photo Credits: Miss Earth

No one will surely dare forget the beautiful face of Andjelka! She will forever be the best poster girl to summarize the beauty that we encountered last year. Her eyes speaks and her face commands! What amazes me is the fact that she is much more beautiful in person 🙂 Good thing that we will not be seeing the last of her as she is slated to represent Serbia in Miss Universe 2014. I am thrilled!

Nominees were:

Eleonore Lilja of Sweden (Miss International 2013)
Paulina Krupinska of Poland (Miss Universe 2013)
Carranzar Naa Shooter of Ghana (Miss World 2013)

Grand Slam Queen of the Year
Megan Young of Philippines
(Miss World 2013)

Photo Credits: Rappler

Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans in the world. We support our queens no matter what. Winning the most elusive title and crown for Philippines gives Megan an upper hand over the other nominees. However, it was her favorable win and her over-all finale performance that sealed the envelope! Megan is proving to be one of the best Miss World queen ever.

Nominees were:

Alyz Henrich of Venezuela (Miss Earth 2013)
Bea Santiago (Miss International 2013)
Gabriela Isler (Miss Universe 2013)

Country of the Year


Photo Credits: Wikimedia

With 2 crowns (Bea Santiago & Megan Young) and 2 finalist (Ara Arida & Angelee delos Reyes) placements this year, no one can deny the fact that this Philippines is the Country of the Year! With Megan Young’s win of the Miss World title, it is now part of the elite group (3 countries ONLY) with all Grand Slam titles! Let me know if there are complaints. Hahahaha!

Runners-up are:


Congratulations to all the winners!

And thanks to you for participating in our poll…

Until next year for Kattera Awards 2015!


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