Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (16th Update): My 12 Favorite Swimsuit Photos

Happy Sunday dearest! After sharing the swimsuit photos of the official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014, let me share with you my favorite photos 🙂 I tried my best narrowing down the list to just 10 but to no avail. I didn’t find the courage to drop two of the photos with me. Hahaha!

In coming up with a list, I went through the whole list and tagged each photo with either Sweet Cool Chic or Sexy Temptress. The former refers to the ladies with sweet and fun photos while the latter refers to the sexy vixens with poses that tempts you with a little slice of pleasure 🙂 These are the top 6 photos from each group!

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

Sweet Cool Chic

(6th) Kris Tiffany Janson

If we will talk about sweet aura, no one beats the girl-next-door styling of Kris! In fact, there are days when she looks to meek and timid. No one can deny though that Kris looks extra beautiful and sweet in this photo! I love the skin tone and the radiance 🙂 The reason why she’s on this position is the fact that she is not on her best shape.

(5th) Vessica Sambo

Though I am bothered by her left arm, I can’t help but be glad seeing the sweet smile of Vessica 🙂 The curves are killers as well!

(4th) Emma Tiglao

The color of Emma’s swimsuit matches her skin tone perfectly! The photo screams freshness 🙂 Emma is indeed promising!

(3rd) Pia Wurtzbach

Oh Pia! Those are just curvessss. Despite the apparent curves, the photo comes off as very light and relaxed 🙂 Too bad, Pia’s pose looks the same with her swimsuit photo last year!

(2nd) Julian Aurine Flores

Pia should learn a lesson or two from Aurine on the style of swimsuit to use given their bust size 🙂 Can’t she be more sweet and endearing than a baby pink suit? Despite the sweetness, her body is surely nothing but curvy and her face is full of confidence! Such a lady!

(1st) Laura Lehman

I love Laura’s disposition here 🙂 She looks radiant and sexy yet it feels so laid back and relaxed. I am very pleased on how Laura transformed this photo into something that doesn’t feel to “pageant-y”.

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Sexy Temptress

(6th) Mary Jean Lastimosa

A sexy list is incomplete without MJ! Even if full clothed, she still screams sex appeal 🙂 The only reason why she is at this position is that I am a bit turned off with her swimsuit choice and that angle is not helping.

(5th) Mae Liezel Ramos

That mysterious smile and the over-all sex appeal of this photo are the reasons why Liezel is on this list. I must say that she could have chosen a much better swimsuit.

(4th) Bianca Guidotti

Bianca had the perfect styling in this group. The coral lippie is a match to the colors of her ultra feminine swimsuit. Th face screams gorgeous and the design of her swimsuit says femme fatale! Sizzling hot Bianca!

(3rd) Kenneth Santiago

Oh la la! If I will be giving out an award for the best body angle in photos, I will most likely award it to Kenneth. The twist of her body is perfect enough to showcase her curves and flat abdomen. Even her fingertips are posing for the camera 🙂

(2nd) Aiza Faeldonia

Aiza looks ravishing! Grr! She is uber sexy and to be honest, I still don’t understand on why she was not included in the original batch of contestants. She looks good even with this mediocre choice of a swimsuit. The color suit her well though.

(1st) Parul Shah

My complain on Parul is that her seems too short on photos. Imagine the smile on my face after seeing this photo and realizing that she found a pose to show that sexy neck of hers. With a ripped body and a gorgeous-ly beautiful face, Paul soared and settled on top of this list quiet comfortably. She looks dangerously tempting! Grrrr!
PS. Please get rid of that hideous contact lenses!

What do you think of my list?


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