Binibining Pilipinas 2014: Leader Board – Week 1

Oh, how time flies (my second mention this week)! We are already done with the first week of Binibining Pilipinas 2014. If you are not paying attention, these are the highlights of their first week: the official Top 40 candidates were announced, two candidates were replaced and they were presented to the public for the first time. Before we officially transition to Week 2, let me share with you my very first leader board. This board shows my favorite ladies for the crowns. This time, I will not be assigning titles yet to the ladies as I will reserve that until the finale. I will just rank them based on my impression of their performance on that specific week.

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For Week 1 Leader Board, I based my decision from how the candidates impressed during the screening, their official swimsuit photos and their performance in our poll. Here is my Leader Board for Week 1:

15th Place: Laura Lehman

She is refreshing to watch. She needs to step up her game in the next few weeks before it’s too late.

14th Place: Janine Asanion

Such an upgrade from her Miss Philippines Earth 2013 experience.

13th Place: Joy Antonette Diaz

Politics aside, she can be the flag bearer of JDV girls but the team is having difficulty packaging her. They are still, up to now, experimenting on Joy!

12th Place: Mae Liezel Ramos

I love this lady and I think  that she is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see her shining moment.

11th Place: Kenneth Santiago

Another favorite of mine. She looks so elegant 🙂 I love her classic face as well.

10th Place: Kimverlyn Suiza

She started strong with an impressive screening performance but when she was grouped with the other girls (even from her own camp), she slowly fizzled out.

9th Place: Emma Tiglao

HUGE potential 🙂 I have a feeling that this lady will be doing well.

8th Place: Kris Tiffany Janson

I am not giving up on her, yet! That latina packaging on the first screening was the biggest let down.

7th Place: Aiza Faeldonia

This lady deserves to be an official candidate – even deserving than 10 or 15 ladies on the list 🙂

6th Place: Diana Arevalo

She is beautiful but like what happened in 2011, I always feel that there is something missing 😦


Top (From L-R): Diana, Aiza, Kris, Emma & Kim
Bottom (From L-R): Kenneth, Liezel, Joy, Janine & Laura

5th Place: Pia Wurtzbach

I love the 2013 Pia 😦 She looks mature and heavy this time. It pains me!

4th Place: Parul Shah

Ditch the contact lenses and continue being the sexy vixen that she is 🙂

3rd Place: Bianca Guidotti

I am slowly falling in love with this lady 🙂 I just want to see more from her!

2nd Place: MJ Lastimosa

The best repeater so far 🙂 Love the fresh vibe she is showing!

1st Place: Yvethe Marie Santiago

She has the making of a Venus Raj!


Top (From L-R): Yvethe, MJ & Bianca
Bottom (From L-R): Parul & Pia

It’s just week one but the battle is heated not just between camps but also within 🙂 Please watch-out for my next Binibini post talking more about these camps.


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