Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (17th Update): The Pageant Camps…

After the hullabaloo with the announcement of the official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014, we now have the 40 lucky ladies who were presented to the public yesterday. It is interesting to note that 33 of the 40 candidates were fielded by established beauty pageant camps in the Philippines. I would like to take this opportunity to take a closer look at these camps and their numbers this year. Currently, the country has 3 major beauty pageant camps (Aces & QueensHouse of JDV and Kagandahang Flores) and at least 2 up and coming minor camps (RL’s Angels and Team Macoy). These camps are actually a group of individuals who train candidates for the national pageants in the Philippines. Classifying them as a major or minor camp is solely based on the number of years  that these camps have fielded candidates to national pageants in the country. The major camps have been fielding candidates for at least 5 years already while the minor camps just became active (at least based on what I know) just for the past 2-3 years. Let us try to know each of these camps:

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Aces & Queens

The A&Q camp is headed by Jonas Gaffud! This is the camp behind the four consecutive Top 5 placement of the country in Miss Universe since 2010. However, the camp’s biggest achievement so far is the historic win of Megan Young – bringing the first Miss World crown to the country.


Photo Credits: FB Page of Aces & Queens

12 of the Aces & Queens ladies were considered as official candidates this year out of 20 ladies that they fielded, which is a success rate of 60%. They are:

Gabrielle Erika Ti Lo Kani
Zahara Mae Soriano
Krischelle Halili
Hanna Mariz Dela Guerra
Mary Ainjey Manalo
Carla Lizardo
Kimverlyn Suiza
Laura Lehman
Bianca Guidotti
Yvethe Marie Santiago
Pia Wurtzbach
Diana Arevalo


A&Q managed to bag 3 placements in the Top 5 of Binibining Pilipinas 2013 including the top plum (Miss Universe Philippines title) which the camp has been snatching since 2010. With 12 official delegates this year (and a sizeable number of strong delegates) and with their 4 consecutive Miss Universe Top 5 placements, my gut feel is that BPCI will still award the title to an A&Q lady.

House of JDV

The House of JDV is the youngest among the three major camps. It is headed by John dela Vega who I believe knows the “Filipina” beauty. The team is consistent in sending the “Pinay” beauty prototype 🙂 The camp won it’s very first title when Czarina Gatbonton won the ticket to Miss World 2010.


Photo Credits: John Dela Vega’s FB Page

The House of JDV had a very successful binibini year as 9 out of the 11 (82%) candidates that they fielded were considered as official candidates. They are:

Sarah Jireh Asido
Vessica Sambo
Jeslyn Santos
Shauna Indra Sazina Curran
Leonalyn Dela Cruz
Joy Antonette Diaz
Racquel Kabigting
Krystal Alonday
Kenneth Santiago


The House of JDV is strong this year 🙂 I am positive that more than at least two of these 9 will place as semifinalist and a crown is not a far-fetched possibility!

Kagandahang Flores

Kagandahang Flores camp boasts three grand slam crowns under its belt – Miss International 2005, Miss Earth 2008 and Miss International 2013! Rodgil Flores is the big guy behind the camp.


Photo Credits: Kagandahang Flores FB

If I am not mistaken, Kagandahang Flores fielded 21 candidates this year and 12 of them made it as official candidates. This is a 57% success rate this year! These girls are:

Kris Tiffany Janson
Ladylyn Riva
Mae Liezel Ramos
Parul Shah
Janine Asanion
Hanna Ruth Sison
Emma Mary Tiglao
Julian Aurine Flores
Nichole Marie Manalo
Joana Angelica Romero
MJ Lastimosa
Ednornance Agustin


Unlike last year, I have a feeling that Kagandahang Flores camp will be winning at least two crowns this year and one of which is the International title 🙂

RL’s Angels  and Team Macoy

Here are two up-and-coming beauty pageant camps in the country. RL’s Angels is headed by RL Lacanienta, a photographer by profession. He is the man behind one of my favorite Filipina beauty queens – Patricia Ejercitado. Team Macoy is the name that I am giving to the camp headed by Macoy Manlapaz. I don’t have that much information on Macoy but he is best known to be the man behind Mutya Datul. Each camp has two representatives this year and they are:

RL’s Angels

Aiza Faeldonia
Angelique de Leon

Team Macoy

Hannah Sheena Manuel
Joy Marie Gangan


At this stage of the competition, it is too early to predict the performance of both camps. However, I have this feeling that one camp will go empty handed while the other will have a semifinalist. Again, just my gut feel 🙂

Everyone should understand that most people behind these camps are working for free and are helping these ladies achieve their dreams because of sheer love of beauty pageants. I admire them a lot! I can only hope that I will be able to make a difference on the lives of the ladies like what these handlers/trainers are doing 🙂

We have covered 37 ladies already and the remaining three are considered as Independents! They are not connected to any of the camps mentioned above. They probably have a handler or a manager but nothing as big to be considered as a camp. Here, we have the following:

Anabel Christine Tia
Ellore Noelle Punzalan
Vanessa Saliba


[UPDATE] As per our reader Chynnah, Anabel Tia is already with Kagandahang Flores. I will be confirming this information with the team 🙂

The next question is: who among these camps will reign supreme on March 30?


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2 Responses to Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (17th Update): The Pageant Camps…

  1. Chynah says:

    Anabel Tia is already with KF. She was approached by Rodgil Flores after the announcement of the Official Candidates.

    • Domzee says:

      Thanks Chynah! It is good to know that someone from KF can help her prepare for the competition…

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