Miss World Philippines 2014 (1st Update): Will this be another Aces & Queens versus Kagandahang Flores Face-Off?

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 has barely started and Miss Philippines Earth 2014 is just on its screening stage but let me throw in another exciting news to you courtesy of Miss World Philippines 2014. Huh! Some might consider this post as too pre-mature but if we are talking about the national pageant which produced the very first Miss World crown for the country, the stakes are just too big 🙂

In last year’s national finals, us fans witnessed one of the biggest face-off between the two biggest beauty camps in the country. Kagandahang Flores fielded around 15 ladies in the competition. On the other hand, Aces & Queens, fielded its lone entry via Megan Young! Despite the numbers of KF girls, Megan emerged as the winner and went on to win the coveted blue crown in Indonesia! It was not a hand-over win for Megan and A&Q as KF girls did an amazing job as well. One of these girls is Megan’s runner-up – Janicel Lubina.


Photo Credits: Emerson Cebanico

Janicel was a worthy contender for Megan last year and as what we are seeing in the photo above taken at the birthday party of Rodgil Flores, she is still in perfect fighting form. With Janicel being a no show in Binibining Pilipinas 2014, will we be seeing her again in Miss World Philippines 2013? Will she be headlining the roster of Kagandahang Flores ladies this year and avenge the camp by claiming the crown? Possible but it is surely not a walk in the park as Aces & Queens is “rumored” to be fielding Valerie Weigmann!


Valerie with Jonas Gaffud of Aces & Queens
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

There might just be some truth to this rumor as Valerie fits the Megan prototype – Pinay Mestiza, with excellent communication skills, great personality and a TV Personality. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – this phrase might just be the mantra of A&Q this year! My biggest question now is if A&Q will be sending just a lone entry this year, as this speaks highly of their confidence on that candidate!

Whether or not Janicel and Valerie will be screening for Miss World Philippines, just the mere fact that the reigning queen is from here and with the rumors that the country is interested in hosting the international pageant, it will surely be an epic pageant season for us! I can’t wait!


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