Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (21st Update): My 12 Favorite Portrait Photos

The portrait photos of the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 candidates were released recently. Upon sharing them here, I added some of my impressions. I had high expectations for some of the candidates but sadly, most of them were disappointing! No need to fret as I feel that there were a handful who stepped up and delivered. Find-out my 12 favorite portrait photos here 🙂

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Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

(12th) Binibini 21 – Racquel Kabigting

Just an afterthought… I am slowly falling in love with her face 🙂 Even the lips is growing on me! I appreciate the muted make-up here and it brings out her natural beauty 🙂

(11th) Binibini 10 – Shauna Indra Curran

I am not a fan of her body BUT that is just a beautiful face. The expression on her face and the pout elevates this photo against the other wannabes.

(10th) Binibini 35 – Yvethe Marie Santiago

Yvethe knows how to command some attention. She is entering the national pageant with so much to offer and this photo is one of them 🙂 She is certainly one of the frontrunners this year!

(9th) Binibini 14 – Emma Mary Tiglao

Who can resist those curves? I am not that pleased on her face here but Emma knows what she is doing. You can see the confidence from the pose.

(8th) Binibini 7 – Aiza Faeldonia

Another sexy siren here! Aiza looks dreamy and angelic 🙂

(7th) Binibini 9 – Joy Antonette Diaz

Joy needs to work on a lot of things – from her body to her personality. But Joy is warning us not to take her out of our lists yet as she delivers a strong photo.

(6th) Binibini 31 – Angelique De Leon

I am pleased to see Angelique stepping up! I didn’t recognized her first but I instantly became a fan. The posture and the neck…. Hmmmm!

(5th) Binibini 8 – Pia Wurtzbach

Pia is experimenting and I love it. The rebellious vibe of the photo is working! Sexy bad ass chick…

(4th) Binibini 27 – Hannah Ruth Sison

Even with the possibility of being disqualified, Hannah still provides us with top-notch performance! I love the angle of her body and the glow on her face. I am officially envious of Hannah’s smile 🙂

(3rd) Binibini 24 – Ednornance Agustin

Such a beautiful portrait 🙂 Eds looks strong and confident… This has a certain boyish charm that brings me to the 90s.

(2nd) Binibini 15 – Kimverlyn Suiza

Again, that swan-like neck is to die for and Kim knows that 🙂

(1st) Binibini 13 – Kris Tiffany Janson

I am forgiving this time to that body that obviously needs toning… I am willing to look past that as her face is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! The eyes and the full hair add to the drama of this portrait 🙂 I love this…

How about you? Do you have favorites already?


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2 Responses to Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (21st Update): My 12 Favorite Portrait Photos

  1. cmmonzon says:

    Hannah Sison is already back in the game. News about it was given last week. It seems like her contract with Globe was already severed.

    I think you should check out other blogs also and forums so that your blog content is up-to-date. Just my two cents. Thanks!

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