Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (22nd Update): The Web Interviews – Part 1

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 just got more exciting after BPCI decided to release web interviews of the candidates. Reminiscent of the candidate videos in Miss Universe (remember the chicken moves of Ara Arida this year?), the web interviews of the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 give us a glimpse not just on the communication skills of the candidates but also on their personalities! Of course, we will also know who registers well on camera.

I will be posting the web interviews of the candidates but will be doing it by parts 🙂 As we go through the videos, I will be looking at three things: (1) Personality of the Candidate, (2) How she registers in the video and (3) Fluency and Flow of thought. After featuring all available web videos, I will share with you my favorites 🙂

Video Credits: Bb. Pilipinas (Official) on YouTube

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Binibini 1 – Julian Aurine Flores

(1.) I felt that there was something unnatural with Ja and that she seemed to be acting while shooting this video. However, Ja was very comfortable in front of the camera. She was confident all through out.

(2) Ja looked good on video. Her eyes were very expressive and the eye make-up just enhanced it! Her forehead was a different story. The hairline on her right side bothered me a lot.

(3) I felt that she could have explained more on why she loved cartoons and on her preference of local bands. It could have been good talk points! Ja’s biggest brouhaha moment came when she was asked to give a quick tutorial on how to be fierce. Suggesting to “think of murder” was  just too controversial and for sure raised more questions.

Binibini 2 – Mary Ainjely Manalo

(1) Ainjely seemed soft spoken and reserved. She seemed serious with her answer and just said what was needed. In a competition where a candidate needed to stand-out, she did not do much to get noticed. At the very least, she learned how to laugh at her self and be silly even just for few seconds.

(2) A smiling Ainjely reminded me of Marie-Ann Umali! She was beautiful and her voice was endearing. Too bad that she had poor styling here. The hairstyle was outdated and the top that she wore did not help either.

(3) Ainjely was able to express herself well in English. She chose to answer her question “beauty pageant way” by choosing an answer that can be related to life with such an impact. However, i think the goal of the question was to put her on a spot where she can just simply let go and be silly. She could have chosen an elephant or a tiger and she would have been so funny when she mimic it 🙂

Binibini 3 – Joanna Angelica Romero

(1) I like Joanna’s performance here 🙂 She sounded and looked pleasant! She sounded open and real all through out the video.

(2) Joanna looked a bit heavy with that hairstyle. The eyes were too heavy for her as well.

(3) I am pleasantly surprised with her performance. I wish she could have given more information about herself but the mention of the basketball varsity player was an extra point for her. She sounded good, pronounced her words well and the pacing was just perfect!

Binibini 4 – Parul Shah

(1) Oh Parul! You certainly made my night with your quirkiness 🙂 I kept on hitting replay button as I enjoyed her interpretation on “the reaction of a surprised beauty queen”. I did not like her interpretation as most of the beauty queens don’t overreact BUT I like the way she did it! She was funny and bubbly 🙂

(2) I love how Parul appeared in the video. She was beautiful! I saw a resemblance to Lia Ramos here. Though I got bothered by the “forced” smile at the end of every queue.

(3) She sounded good as well though I got bothered by her pronunciation of “represent”. She could have given more information to put some meat into her introduction.

Binibini 5 – Hanna Mariz Dela Guerra

(1) Hanna went on a sweet route in the video. She sounded calculated and careful in her speech. However, I thought that her smile was genuine 🙂

(2) I must say that Hanna’s hairstylist must be fired by experimenting on Hanna. That hairstyle looked hideous on her and the eye make-up made her eyes popped-out which I think was too much. Hanna’s head was too wobbly as well which did not look good on video.

(3) Hanna’s answer to the question about three wishes was just right on where it was needed – a tease for a crown to show that she is keen on winning a crown and something for her family, herself and others. Her answer gave an impression that she is not only looking after herself but also after the welfare of others 🙂 Just perfect!

Binibini 6 – Anabel Christine Tia

(1) I love Christine’s energy. I felt though that she was a bit nervous thus the modulation of her voice.

(2) Christine had a very pleasant smile and it helped lighten up her aura. Sadly, she looked several pounds bigger here than in her photos.

(3) Christine also failed to impress on her answers. She could have added some talk points on her experiences as an art teacher. Her dance interpretation was not impressive as well.

Binibini 7 – Aiza Faeldonia

(1) I am saddened by the video of Aiza 😦 She was hesitant and unsure. There were certainly awkward moments there. She badly needed a dose of multivitamins to give her energy and brighten her aura.

(2) The blazer/coat that she wore made me more disappointed with the video. She looked to overdressed for a web interview. The half up and half down hairstyle was also not working for me.

(3) Her answer was just enough to pass this category. Saying that you are hoping to win the pageant was expected because you are an aspirant. She could have mentioned about her being a “Probinsyana” or her interests or her experiences in Manila, etc. She, however, survived the question part. Showing a local dance was indeed a creative way to advertise her city. It would have been more effective if it was a whole body shot.

Binibini 8 – Pia Wurtzbach

(1) As expected, Pia owned this specific segment of the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 competition. She started a bit reserved but loosened up on the question part 🙂 Of course the confidence was there and she did connect with me easily. I haven’t seen the other videos but I am guessing that this was one of the best in the group.

(2) This is, by far, my favorite look of Pia in this year’s competition. She is rocking that straight jet black hair. I also appreciate the choice of earrings as it gave a dose of sexiness!

(3) It has been proven already that Pia can communicate well and it was not different here! She gave a very meaty answer without sounding rehearsed.

Part 1 ends here and based on the videos above, I must say that my top three are: (a) Pia Wurtzbach (b) Parul Shah and (c) Joanna Angelica Romero. What do you think?

Please watch-out for the second part of this series.


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