Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (26th Update): The Web Interviews – Part 2

I had fun reviewing the web interviews of the candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 for our first part which featured Binibini 1 to Binibini 8. Same as in the first part, I will be looking at personality, register on video and fluency. Let us get to know more about Binibini 9 to Binibini 16!

Video Credits: Bb. Pilipinas (Official) on YouTube

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Binibini 9 – Joy Antonette Diaz

Personality – I enjoyed watching the video. I must admit that I was thisclose from getting irritated with the sharpness of her voice. However, Joy had a blast recording the video. It seemed that Joy was enjoying every second of it! She was full of confidence all through out.

Register on Video – There were moments in the video that she would face a bit to her right. I thought that it was her best angle. I appreciate the make-up but what she wore was a bore…

Fluency – What made this video really special was the smart and eloquent Joy 🙂 Questions were probably given ahead of time but being able to come up with that answer and executing it well was superb. Of course, it helped that she grew up in the States that her English was impeccable.

Binibini 10 – Shauna Indra Curran

Personality – I expected a lot from Shauna and gladly, she did not disappoint! She smiled a lot which translated to the flow of her voice. I felt though that she was more serious and uptight during the whole video.

Register on Video – Shauna looked amazing. I love the subtlety of her make-up and the focus on her expressive eyes. The choice of pink top softened her more. I might choose a different hairstyle though. I also find her body angle a little uncomfortable to watch as her body was facing a little to her right while her head faced the camera.

Fluency – Since I am into yoga, I fully agree to what Shauna answered to her question. She was able to explain her answer well! Pronunciation and diction was spot on.

Binibini 11 – Laura Lehman

Personality – Oh, the confidence of Laura. She is woman of many skills and talents…And she knows it! She was able to mention all of her achievements without sounding too boastful.

Register on Video – Laura was just divine! I am big fan of her big beautiful eyes. I am not a fan of the tube top though I understand that she just wanted the viewers to focus on her face. I also think that the hairstyle did not suit her.

Fluency – Laura did an excellent job with expressing her thoughts. She communicated effectively and as expected, her command of english is impressive.

Binibini 12 – Sarah Jireh Asido

Personality – I like Sarah! I love her energy 🙂 However, I am a bit disappointed with her in this video as I felt that she was trying too hard. She was forcing it that it became unnatural.

Register on Video – I think that Sarah looked good here. Since I am into ladies with big beautiful eyes, I appreciated Sarah here.

Fluency – Sarah delivered what was just expected of her. And in this year when the competition is tough, I felt that it was not just enough. There was really nothing special on her answers.

Binibini 13 – Kris Tiffany Janson

Personality – I have seen comments from fans questioning Kris’ intentions in joining the pageant. Some are accusing Kris of lacking the enthusiasm and energy that we see in other ladies. I really can’t blame them as I felt the same way here especially on the first part of the video as she was introducing herself. Good thing that she let go of everything and allowed herself to look silly when she shared her “secret” talent.

Register on Video – Kris was flawless. Her beauty is classic and if there is one reason to hit the replay button, it is the face of Kris Janson 🙂

Fluency – Kris was expected to ace every interview or question-and-answer in the pageant, an expectation that she shares with other Cebuana candidates. I know that she is fluent as I have heard her speak before. Too bad the video did not allow her to do so.

Binibini 14 – Emma Mary Tiglao

Personality – I am a big fan of Emma but her performance her was disappointing 😦 I felt that she could have done more or said more that could have shown her personality. Sadly, I felt that she was monotone and was just one dimensional all through out.

Register on Video – Emma was stunning in the video. If I was disappointed with her performance, I felt that her look was the highlight of the video. She looked phenomenal, especially her make-up.

Fluency – Boring and was too pageant patty… That was how I will describe Emma’s performance. She could have made it more interesting but sadly she didn’t 😦

Binibini 15 – Kimverlyn Suiza

Personality – I ended up laughing at Kim and it Kim should be really proud. I will say it again: the confidence of a lady to look silly and funny in front of millions of viewers means confidence in her beauty and confidence with what she can do. She had a blunder with her answer but it was a pretty solid video over-all.

Register on Video – I have a love-hate relationship with Kim’s beauty. This time, I am a fan of her hairstyle and make-up. Even her neck (which is usually my issue with Kim) looked perfect.

Fluency – Kim experienced a blunder while introducing herself. In cases like this, it is always important to plan out what you are supposed to say. Do not rehearse but at least have an outline of what to mention in your head.

Binibini 16 – Zahara Mae Soriano

Personality – Zahara seemed to be hesitating while introducing herself. She was unsure with her sentences. It was disappointing because she has a well-modulated voice and a very beautiful face and she could have delivered a well thought video.

Register on Video – Her beauty is unconventional as she has some sharp angles but I am still a big fan. I thought that she registered well on video. If only her eye make-up was a bit muted and it would have been perfect.

Fluency – The pauses made her sentences a bit awkward. There was nothing extra special with what she mentioned.

So what do you think with our 2nd batch of candidates?

My favorites were: Laura Lehman, Kris Janson & Kimverlyn Suiza

How about yours?


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