Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (28th Update): My Favorite National Costume Presentation

We have seen the National Costume show of the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 candidates! Now, I will be sharing with you the ladies who impressed me both with the choice of national costume and their presentation. For the costume, I really want something that is traditionally Filipino with a modern touch. I also prefer costumes that are unique and attention-grabbing. For the presentation, I expected the ladies to present with class and sophistication. Here are my favorites in chronological order:

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Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

Binibini 1 – Julian Aurine Flores

Binibini 4 – Parul Shah

Binibini 7 – Aiza Faeldonia

Binibini 13 – Kris Tiffany Janson

Binibini 15 – Kimverlyn Suiza

Binibini 18 – Ellore Noelle Punzalan

Binibini 24 – Ednornance Agustin

Binibini 27 – Hannah Ruth Sison

Binibini 28 – Carla Lizardo

Binibini 35 – Yvethe Marie Santiago

Binibini 38 – Janine Asanion

Binibini 39 – Ladylyn Riva

Do you have your list of favorites already?


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2 Responses to Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (28th Update): My Favorite National Costume Presentation

  1. La says:

    1. MUP – I strongly feel it won’t be Parul, Bianca or Kris.
    It will either be Yvethe, Pia or Mj.

    2. MIP – It will be Kris’ crown to lose. Laura or Bianca (who has some resemblance to Bea Rose) may snatch it.

    3. Supra – Kim Suiza exudes Mutya’s sweetness, and at the same time, can turn into a ferociously elegant queen. Her versatility is incomparable. Gangan or Arevalo will also be possible.

    4. Tourism – Parul or Ellore. Their appeal, plus those killer bodies suit the demands of that pageant.

    5. Intercontinental – Aiza Faeldonio or Liezel Ramos. 🙂 oh well.. Classic beauties that will endure the passage of time.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi La 🙂 Thank you for visiting. You listed majority of the favorites this year 🙂 I am pretty sure that majority of the crowns will be given to some of the ladies you mentioned. I am actually pleasantly surprised that you included Ellore in your choices. I believe that she is stronger this year!

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