The Art of Standing Out!!!

In a group of beautiful ladies, sometimes it is just too difficult to stand-out and be recognized. Each of the lady has something unique to offer and commanding attention by standing-out is probably the most important skill that a candidate should learn.

Such is the case in Binibining Pilipinas 2014, every candidate has her own special beauty to share but with 39 other candidates, sometimes it just too challenging to stand-out.

In the behind-the-scene shots of the JAG photoshoots, three of the most beautiful women this year were captured in one frame. Let me know who stood-out from the group 🙂


Just among these three, who towered over and stood-out?

In this photo, I have to give it to Pia WurtzbachKris Tiffany Janson‘s eyes look weird while Bianca Guidotti‘s head looks a bit small than her body. What do you think?


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One Response to The Art of Standing Out!!!

  1. Crispin says:

    I really love Pia! Hope she wins Miss Universe-Philippines!!!

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