Binibining Pilipinas 2014 – My Fave List

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Coronation Night is here and it has never been this BIG! The stakes are ultimately higher as the pressure for an impressive repeat is on. This, after the Philippines enjoyed a string of successes in last year’s international beauty pageants.


40 beautiful ladies are now on a quest for one of the five crowns at stake. It wouldn’t be an easy task for these ladies as the playing field is extra competitive this year. It is actually anybody’s ball  game even up until this very second. And before these titles will be awarded, I will share to you 20 of my favorite candidates this year and the ladies who I think deserves to win the coveted crowns. Here is my fave list 🙂

20th: Binibini 27 – Hannah Ruth Sison

Hannah is back J She is out to prove that last year’s blunder was just a bump on her “road to greatness” and should never define her. I observed that she is much more relaxed this year. It is probably the confidence of being on a familiar terrain!

19th: Binibini 40 – Vessica Sambo

She is last (but definitely not the least) on the roster of the candidates but Vessica manages to close every segment on a very high note because of her impeccable performance J  Vessica is a pleasure to watch. Her megawatt smile will surely melt even the most isolated glaciers in Antarctica . The world is a much better place to live as long as we see Vessica’s smile.

18th: Binibini 28 – Carla Jenina Lizardo

Carla’s exclusion in the original list of official candidates was one of the biggest mysteries of this year’s pageant. You can’t just easily ignore a winner of another national pageant. Carla is strong and spot on with her stage performance 🙂 I am happy to see her compete.

17th: Binibini 21 – Racquel Kabigting

Height is might! This proves true to Racquel who towers at 6 feet tall. You can’t help but notice her and the longer you stare at her, the more comfortable you become of her. This was the case during the Parade of Beauties. My stare will surely go back to this dusky Glamazon 🙂

16th: Binibini 7 – Aiza Faeldonia

Aiza is my sentimental favorite this year! I have been praying intently that she will end up with a crown tomorrow evening. Aiza looks very sexy and enchanting. Her eyes speaks mysteriously, the face enchanting and the body screams sexy!

15th: Binibini 30 – Joy Marie Gangan

I must admit that I am not a fan of Joy. I don’t find her face (let’s say) pleasing. But this lady has so much fire power that she can annihilate the competition. She has a to-die-for body and her presentation skills is superb. I heard that she comes off as someone who is down-to-earth and simple.

14th: Binibini 18 – Ellore Noelle Punzalan

I always love it when I am proven wrong 🙂 Ellore’s semifinalist placement last year was the biggest disappointment for me. I felt that she robbed a lot of girls and felt that she didn’t deserve the placement. Then, she decided to join again this year. I felt insulted that she had the audacity to come back and participate. Little did I know that I will be eating everything that I said when I became a fan during the Parade of Beauties. Other than her ripped body, Ellore is very comfortable with herself and her abilities that she appears to be very confident. These and her reliable communication skills, I feel that she will still advance this year.

13th: Binibini 23 – Nichole Manalo

This is interesting! Nichole, the youngest of the Manalo sisters, is trying her Binibini luck this year. The pressure is on for her to bring home a title as her older sisters are Binibini titleholders. Will she be successful? I must say that it will not be an easy road ahead for Nichole as the roster of candidates is full of strong delegates. Nicole doesn’t need to rely on her connections though as this mestisa beauty shines on her own merit. Her flawless skin is what she can offer and her beauty appeals to a certain group of pageant fans. Nichole’s Binibini journey is one of those that I keenly observing 🙂

12th: Binibini 17 – Diana Arevalo

Third time is a charm for Diana. Her previous outings in 2009 and 2011 both resulted into a semifinalist landing.Will it be a crown for Diana this year? Such a big possibility I must say. She has one of the best faces in the competition and with her previous experiences on hand, Diana will not start from scratch 🙂

11th: Binibini 14 – Emma Mary Tiglao

Emma is one of my favorites this year! This Pampanga-native is one of the most consistent performers this year. Her catwalk is superb. Her transformation from Mutya ng Pilipinas to Binibining Pilipinas is impressive.

10th: Binibini 1 – Julian Aurine Flores

The arduous task of opening the show was entrusted to the charming lady from Manila. Ja looks really sweet in person. She has the ability to make you feel at ease with her presence. However, never try to underestimate her abilities as her firepower is intense. I am ready to be surprised by Ja tomorrow.

9th: Binibini 4 – Parul Shah

Parul…Parul…Parul… Still one of the most competitive candidate, Parul’s arsenal includes a fiery lovely pair of eyes, to-die-for body and a gorgeous face. Her beauty is one that can’t be easily ignored.

8th: Binibini 22 – Bianca Guidotti

Bianca was my original choice for the top plum! If you have seen my leader board for Binibining Pilipinas, you will know that Bianca was consistently on the top tier group. I was a bit underwhelmed when I saw her during the Press Conference. I was looking for the beauty queen glow and the hunger for a crown but I didn’t see it with Bianca. I would love love love to be proven wrong! I would love to see Bianca with a crown tomorrow. I would love to!

7th: Binibini 15th – Kimverlyn Suiza

My choice for the 2nd Runner-up position if Kim. Like Emma’s, Kim’s transformation from a silent contender in Miss Philippines Earth to an aggressive Binibini delegate is impressive.  Kim’s best asset is her swan-like neck and the sheer elegance we see every time she is on stage. Will these be enough to snatch a crown? Again, a big possibility!

6th: Binibini 9 – Joy Antonette Diaz

The fell in love with Joy the moment I heard her speak! This lady is witty and confident. Such a deadly combo that is favored by Binibini. I may not be a fan of her beauty but proper styling will do wonders.

Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental: Binibini 11 – Laura Lehmann

Laura is another sentimental favorite this year 🙂 I heard that she is down-to-earth, she is beautiful in person and is very smart. And I think the best way for Binibining Pilipinas to debut in Miss Intercontinental is  to send a well-rounded delegate with an impressive background like Laura!

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational: Binibini 25 – Mary Jean Lastimosa

Another three-peater is my favorite MJ! I am hopeful that she will end up with a crown this year as she is on her best form ever. She looks more relaxed, the styling is better and gone are days when her make-up freaks out her fans. I must say that transferring to a different camp was the best decision she made related to her beauty pageant career.

Bb. Pilipinas Tourism: Binibini 8 – Pia Wurtzbach

Pia started out weak this year. I thought that she lost her charm already. She slowly made her way to the top tier of every fan’s list of favorites. She was a busy runner-up and I heard only praises for her during her reign. I have a good  feeling that she will not go-home empty handed tomorrow.

Bb. Pilipinas International: Binibini 35 – Yvethe Marie Santiago

I was expecting to see this beautiful Bicolana in Miss World Philippines 2013. It was a blessing in disguise that Yvethe decided to pursue Binibini instead. She is one of the strongest delegate this year 🙂 She has a very arresting beauty that demands everyone’s attention. You can’t just ignore her! The lovely face and a killer body combo was a winning formula in Miss International last year and fortunately Yvethe has both. Despite this, you can’t accuse her of being a copycat of anyone because Yvethe is beautifully unique 🙂

Miss Universe Philippines: Binibini 13 – Kris Tiffany Janson

Finally, after 4 years of speculation and wishful thinking, Kris Janson is gracing the Binibini stage. The wait is all worth it as Kris is on her winning form. Her beautiful face reminds me of every Goddess that graced the Miss Universe stage. She is often accused of having a somber and quiet demeanor but I consider her as a self-confident silent killer. She knows what she is doing and she knows that she is good at it. The MUP title is for her to loose! As a self-proclaimed “adopted Cebuano”, I can’t be “proud-er” to have her represent the city I love the most. VIVA Kris! VIVA Cebu!

I wish all the candidates the best of luck for tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Binibining Pilipinas 2014 – My Fave List

  1. I love your list!!! We share sooooo many girls…. 😀

    • Domzee says:

      I know…. I am expecting less surprises in the semifinals later 🙂 I also saw your choices (saw it in Yahoo PH) and it is rock solid. See you later Ms. Joyce!

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