All About Miss Intercontinental!

So what really is Miss Intercontinental? And why am I hearing about this pageant just now?

These are two of the most common questions I received from friends and readers who followed the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2014. The pageant is really something new to the ears of those who are not keen followers of beauty pageants. Thus, I am writing this post so that more readers will be aware of the pageant 🙂 This is to make sure that we will be much more passionate in supporting Kris Tiffany Janson in her bid for the Miss Intercontinental 2014 title.

The Logo of Miss Intercontinental Photo Credits:

The Logo of Miss Intercontinental
Photo Credits:

 Miss Intercontinental is a beauty pageant owned by World Beauty Organization. The Panama-based corporation is also the owner of Top Model of the World pageant. The pageant traces its roots to Aruba in 1971. It started as a teen pageant and as a promotional tourism event for the country. The pageant went on until 1984 when it stopped for the next 10 years. Finally in 1993, the German organization took over and the pageant has been staged in Germany 13 times since it was “resurrected” in 1993. In the 42-year history of Miss Intercontinental, it has given 5 crowns to Venezuela and another 5 crowns to USA. 5 crowns were awarded to Asian countries – 2 crowns each for India Lebanon and a crown won by Iran. One of the notable winners of the pageant is Lara Dutta who won the crown in 1997 and ended winning the Miss Universe 2000 title as well 🙂

The Philippines participated in the pageant several times already. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm the exact number as there no enough data available. I can confirm though that we have sent delegates to the pageant every year since 2004 except 2007 & 2008. Recently, the local franchise for Miss Intercontinental was with Mutya ng Pilipinas. It is noted that the country has 6 placements already 🙂 The highest placement we received is the 3rd Runner-up finish of Koreen Medina last year. This year, it was a big news for me that BPCI will now be sending the delegate to the international competition! I am really wondering why this happened!

Let me share with you a “rumor” that I heard last Sunday. Note that this is merely a “hearsay” that the Miss Intercontinental management offered the local franchise to BPCI without any franchise fee. This is because the organization was amazed on the support and popularity that Miss Supranational gained after BPCI had the franchise and after Mutya Datul‘s win. This sounds like it is a very realistic scenario BUT this will remain as a rumor unless confirmed 🙂

If the rumor is true then  I am extra excited for Kris Janson. Check out my reaction to her Intercontinental win HERE!

I hope that you learned more about Miss Intercontinental with this post!


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