Throwback Thursday (04.10.14): Will Miss Philippines Earth Crown Another “One of their Own”?

We have a very special Throwback Thursday entry for today! This involves two beautiful delegates who are now competing for the Miss Philippines Earth 2014 title. I am referring to Diane Carmela Querrer of Tanauan City and Monique Teruelle Manuel representing Dinalupihan, Bataan.

Photo Credits: Universal Queen

Photo Credits: Universal Queen

This is Diane’s profile photo when she first represented her hometown in Miss Philippines Earth 2011. Sadly, Diane went home empty handed 😦

Photo Credit: Universal Queen

Photo Credit: Universal Queen

Here, you will see the profile photo of Monique when she joined Miss Philippines Earth 2009 where she placed in the Top 10.

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Among the 48 candidates, only Monique & Diane are the repeaters on the Miss Philippines Earth stage. Let me remind you also that for the past two years, Miss Philippines Earth crowned the “repeaters” – Angelee delos Reyes who went unplaced in Miss Philippines Earth 2009 and Stephany Stefanowitz who made the Top 10 of Miss Philippines Earth 2010.

The biggest question now is that – Who will have the most beautiful comeback to the Miss Philippines Earth? Will it be Monique or Diane?

Feel free to share your thought…


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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday (04.10.14): Will Miss Philippines Earth Crown Another “One of their Own”?

  1. DQforMPE2014 says:

    Diane..:D She already made her presence felt by winning the Trash to Class competition.. 😀 Wait for her talent and Cultural wear, remember she won those categories way back in 2011.. 😀

    • Domzee says:

      Hi DQforMPE2014 🙂 Can’t wait to see her cultural wear costume! Thanks for the heads up… She is indeed a frontrunner!

  2. DQforMPE2014 says:

    I haven’t seen it, but given her past performance in MPE 2011, i knew she can make a repeat win in that category…:D And given her performance in Trash to Class Competition, I can say that she is a force to reckon with..:D Wanna see her performance? Check it out..!/photo.php?v=10152252279582906&set=vb.106213906130271&type=2&theater

  3. DQforMPE2014 says:

    here’s her video for the 2011 Talent Competition, where she won the Best in Talent Award..:)!/photo.php?v=10150208443489697&set=vb.106213906130271&type=2&theater

    and her video during the Cultural Wear Competition, Best in Cultural Wear..:)!/photo.php?v=10150208230524697&set=vb.106213906130271&type=2&theater

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