Miss Philippines Earth 2014 (3rd Update): “Trash to Class” Event

Last Wednesday, the delegates of Miss Philippines Earth 2014 were in Intramuros, Manila for the “Trash to Class” event. The ladies walked down the ramp wearing classy creations made up of recycled materials. An event that highlighted recycling, it also became an opportunity to showcase the catwalk skills of our ladies.

I am trying my best to find a good video of the event. I will post it here once I see it but Ms. Joyce Burton of Adventures of a Beauty Queen, who judged the event, mentioned that there are a lot of beautiful ladies this year… Here are some “unofficial” photos that I have seen from the Facebook pages of our candidates. Enjoy 🙂

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Crystal Star Aberasturi (Liloan, Cebu)

Photo Credits: Crystal Star's FB Page

Photo Credits: Crystal Star’s FB Page

Diane Carmela Querrer (Tanauan City)

Photo Credits: Diane's FB Page

Photo Credits: Diane’s FB Page

Mary Ann Ross Misa (Makati City)

Photo Credits: Mary Ann's FB Page

Photo Credits: Mary Ann’s FB Page

Monique Teruelle Manuel (Dinalupihan, Bataan) &
Jamie Herrell (Cebu City)

Photo Credits: Monique's FB Page

Photo Credits: Monique’s FB Page

Declared as winners in this events are:

Diane Carmela Querrer (Tanauan City) – Gold

Bianca Paz (Gapan City) – Silver

Jamie Herrell (Cebu City) – Bronze

Photo Credits: MPE FB Page

Photo Credits: MPE FB Page

This is indeed a very competitive batch. I observed that there are a number of facially strong candidates. Two of the most facially beautiful candidates are from Cebu – Crystal Star and Jamie 🙂 Skills wise, this group will not be very far behind. You have strong cross-over candidates c/o Mary Ann Misa and Bianca Paz! This excites me a lot!!!!

Click THIS to view the official photos from the event!


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