Miss World Philippines 2014 (2nd Update): If we will go by the “Celebrity Prototype”…

I can’t wait for Miss World Philippines 2014 to start, that I am writing another story about it 🙂 Despite the absence of updates from the official FB page of MWP and from its official website, I will keep the excitement alive with another post about this highly anticipated Philippine pageant.

Last time I wrote about the pageant, I mentioned about the possible face-off of the biggest beauty camps in the country. Today, let me continue the speculations and throw some names who are fully capable of representing us in Miss World 2014. And continuing the success of our reigning queen – Megan Young, I would love to pick-out some names from the Philippine Showbiz Scene. Here are the “celebrity” ladies who I want to try out for Miss World Philippines 2014:

Disclaimer: I am not sure if these ladies are interested in joining. I am also not sure if their age and their height will qualify them for the national pageant BUT I will certainly be happy seeing them compete…

Janine Gutierrez

Photo Credits: The Girl who wants Curly Hair

Photo Credits: The Girl who wants Curly Hair

If I will judge everything on facial beauty then Janine is the first on my list. She has this sweet and natural aura that Miss World prefers on its queens. This beautiful lady comes from a family of actors so she is expected to handle with grace the pressure being on the “spotlight”. Janine is affiliated with GMA – the media partner of MWP last year. If the partnership will continue this year, then Janine will surely benefit. Janine will be turning 25 this year so it should be now or never. I would love to think that she will show-up for the screening! And oh, did I mention that Ruffa Gutierrez is the half-sister of Janine’s dad? Which make her the “half-niece” of the Miss World 1993 2nd Princess.

Winwyn Marquez

Photo Credits: GMA Network

Photo Credits: GMA Network

Winwyn comes from a family with influence both in showbiz and politics! It was a very interesting twist that Winwyn had her sights on a different arena – beauty pageants. Yes, this 21 year-old looker has declared before her interest in joining beauty pageants! Winwyn expressed her interest in joining Bb. Pilipinas but I would also love to see her in Miss World Philippines. That authentic Filipina beauty will surely be a big hit in Miss World. I am not sure also if I remember it correctly but I read somewhere that Winwyn is connected with Aces & Queens of Jonas Gaffud. If this is indeed true, then Winwyn is in such good and capable hands! At least, Jonas can start somewhere as Winwyn is not new to the beauty pageant world. She is the niece of Miss International 1979Melanie Marquez. I’m sure she learned a lesson or two from her fabulous aunt!

So, who do you want to see on the Miss World Philippines stage?


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3 Responses to Miss World Philippines 2014 (2nd Update): If we will go by the “Celebrity Prototype”…

  1. Crispin says:

    Yes,both girls are promising… But I would also want to see Sam Pinto, Valerie Weigmann, and Isabel Daza try their luck for Miss World Phils. 2014.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Crispin! Good to have you back 🙂 Of the four you mentioned, Valerie is the most promising. I also heard rumors that she is joining. I don’t think the other three are interested to join.

  2. Crispin says:

    And Georgina Wilson too!

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