Philippine Beauty Pageant Camps – The TV Patrol Special

TV Patrol, the primetime news program of ABS-CBN, covered a news special about the top beauty pageant camps of the Philippines – Kagandahang Flores and Aces & Queens – which were called as Beauty Queen Universities. In the special news report, the head honchos of both camps (Rodgil Flores for KF and Jonas Gaffud for A&Q) were interviewed, giving us a glimpse on what their camps are offering to their trainees.

KagandahangFloresPhoto Credits: KF FB Page

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Photo Credits: AQ FB Page

Let me share to you my thoughts on this matter:

  • Most of the time, joining a camp is for free but there are cases when the girl is asked to pay a certain amount. This amount is nothing though comparing it to the things that you will be learning from your camp training. It is not just learning about make-up, catwalk, fitness and Q&A but also participating in photo shoots, personality development and other activities that will help the candidate prepare better for the pageant. It is close to charity for Jonas and Rodgil 🙂 All these for their love of country and beauty pageants. I will not hesitate to do the same!
  • Other than the skills you learn, another reason why it is advantageous to join a camp is for your support system while you go through the whole pageant. Remember that every pageant lasts for about 2 months and it would be a roller-coaster of emotions within that time. It will help the candidate if there are people that you can talk to who can relate to what you are going through.
  • It would have been better if the news special mentioned some of the “younger” beauty camps in the country. I am referring to the House of JDV headed by John dela Vega and RL’s Angels of RL Lacanienta. The former was able to produce Ali Forbes and Czarina Gatbonton while the latter is camp behind the unforgettable beauties of Aiza Faeldonia and Patricia Lae Ejercitado.
  • I agree with what the eventologist mentioned. The coaching process for aspiring beauty queens were professionalized. Because of these camps, the whole process of joining the pageant became an adventure in itself, giving more meaning and making it more significant.
  • I would like to emphasize though to all aspiring beauty queens that joining a beauty pageant camp is not a requirement for someone who wants to join a national beauty pageant like Bb. Pilipinas, Miss World Philippines & Miss Philippines Earth. At the end of the day, a candidate may opt to train by herself through studying of previous candidate performances. You may feel free to contact me for tips as well 🙂 And if you are in Cebu, I’d be glad to help.
  • And yes, Mama Rene Salud is the original and is still the best “beauty queen maker”…. Hahahaha! Seriously, it is a pity that she doesn’t endorse candidates for Bb. Pilipinas.


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