Miss Chinatown Philippines 2014 (1st Update): The Search Begins…

Another reason to smile and be happy as another beauty pageant starts its search for official candidates 🙂 Miss Chinatown Philippines 2014 is now ready to accept applications from interested ladies. The pageant’s national director – the gorgeous Alexis Sy Go, mentioned that there is a big chance for the pageant to have provincial screening this year 🙂 I am crossing my fingers that they will have one here in Cebu City.

Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

Miss Chinatown Philippines is back after a successful entry into the Philippine pageant scene last year. The winners were quiet visible all through out the year. The pageant is again partnering with ABS-CBN and I think that it is a smart decision to maintain the partnership!

For the beautiful Filipina Chinese out there, please note of the following requirements:

  • At least 18-25 years old
  • Can speak Mandarin or Fookien
  • Of Good Moral Character

If the above describes you perfectly, then I encourage you to send your application. Please click THIS  for the details on how to join! Meanwhile, you may click THIS to reminisce Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013 🙂


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One Response to Miss Chinatown Philippines 2014 (1st Update): The Search Begins…

  1. Gloria Monton says:

    Hoping Kim and Xian will host the pageant.

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