An Open Letter to Jamie Herrell – Miss Philippines Earth 2014!

Congratulations Jamie! I am very happy that you clinched that crown last night 🙂 I prayed for your success not only because you were representing Cebu City but also because you deserve the title! You fought a very good fight and you deserved every medal you won in the pre-pageant activities.

Jamie Herrell won the Sinulog 2013 Festival Queen title! Photo Credits: SunStar Cebu

Jamie Herrell won the Sinulog 2013 Festival Queen title!
Photo Credits: SunStar Cebu

There is always a pressure after winning the title! I am sure that you have an idea already on how to handle the pressure of being a “Queen” after winning the Festival Queen title during Sinulog 2013 🙂 I understand that after winning the Miss Philippines Earth 2014 title, the pressure is on because you will be carrying the hopes and aspirations of the 100 million Filipinos who are hoping for a second Miss Earth crown for the Philippines! Of course there is an added pressure with the fact that the first Filipina and the first Asian woman to win the Miss Earth crown was Karla Henry – who also represented Cebu City during her national pageant. I will never understand but I can only imagine…

There is one thing that I am sure though, you can handle the pressure with your innate finesse 🙂 I, for sure, knows that you will give an even better fight during Miss Earth 2014! As early as now, I want to assure you that I will be praying for your success on that bigger stage. For now, I hope that you find time to sit back and enjoy the crown! Go on a quick vacation, spend time with your loved ones and let the “feeling of winning” takes you to wondrous places!

Congratulations again!



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