The Cebuana Queens

I am a self-declared Cebuano so I will forever be supportive of Cebuana queens. After several years of getting snubbed at various national pageant stages, Cebuanas are back with vengeance after clinching two of the most coveted titles in the Philippines this year. Yes, I am talking about two of my favorites – Kris Tiffany Janson (Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014) and Jamie Herrell (Miss Philippines Earth 2014). Both ladies are proud members of Kagandahang Flores. They were on top of my list during their respective national pageants and both ended up with a crown! Cebu (and Cebu City) is so proud of you two!

Jamie & Kris Tiffany Photo Credits: Benjo Leoncio

Jamie & Kris Tiffany
Photo Credits: Benjo Leoncio

And oh, that cutie eye candy?!? He is also a proud Cebuano. He is Benjo Leoncio and he is currently a contract star of TV5! Isn’t he a pleasure to stare at?

My only wish is for another Cebuana to reign supreme in Miss World Philippines 2014!



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