Miss USA 2014 (2nd Update): The Glam Shots

Miss USA 2014 is on the thick of competition in Baton Rogue, Louisiana 🙂 I still need to go through tons and tons of activity photos but I want to share with you first the Glam Shots of the candidates. With the ever reliable Fadil Berisha behind the camera, the resulting photos are nothing but pure glamour with a drizzle of magic 🙂

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

Click THIS to vote for your favorite Miss USA 2014 candidate 🙂

Alabama (Jesica Ahlberg)

Alaska (Kendall Bautista)

Arizona (Jordan Wessel)

Arkansas (Helen Wisner)

California (Cassandra Kunze)

Colorado (Eleanna Livaditis)

Connecticut (Desiree Perez)

Delaware (Kelsey Miller)

District of Columbia (Ciera Nicole Butts)

Florida (Brittany Oldehoff)

Georgia (Tiana Griggs)

Hawaii (Moani Hara)

Idaho (Yvette Bennett)

Illinois (Lexi Atkins)

Indiana (Mekayla Diehl)

Iowa (Carlyn Bradarich)

Kansas (Audrey Banach)

Kentucky (Destin Kincer)

Louisiana (Brittany Guidry)

Maine (Samantha Dahlborg)

Maryland (Taylor Burton)

Massachusetts (Caroline Lunny)

Michigan (Elizabeth Ivezaj)

Minnesota (Haley O’Brien)

Mississippi (Chelsea Reardon)

Missouri (Erica Sturdefant)

Montana (Kadie Latimer)

Nebraska (Amanda Soltero)

Nevada (Nia Sanchez)

New Hampshire (Bridget Brunet)

New Jersey (Emily Shah)

New Mexico (Kamryn Blackwood)

New York (Candace Kendall)

North Carolina (Olivia Olvera)

North Dakota (Audra Mari)

Ohio (Madison Gesiotto)

Oklahoma (Brooklynne Young)

Oregon (Emma Pelett)

Pennsylvania (Valerie Gatto)

Rhode Island (Christine Palavra)

South Carolina (Christina Zapolski)

South Dakota (Brittney Palmer)

Tennessee (Kristy Landers Niedenfuer)

Texas (Lauren Guzman)

Utah (Angelia Layton)

Vermont (Gina Bernasconi)

Virginia (Arielle Rosmarino)

Washington (Allyson Rowe)

West Virginia (Charisse Haislop)

Wisconsin (Bishara Dorre)

Wyoming (Lexi Hill)

Do you have your favorite glam shots already?

I have my own set of favorites and will be sharing it to you later.



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